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BANG! Back from the dead. Boy, time sure flies. Nothing major, really. I recently realized I never followed through with our last game dev competition from 2014 and compiled a webpage for it. Well, that's fixed now, and you can check it out here. That makes it 6 competitions now, from 2008 till 2014, and it's slighly comforting to realize it wasn't really that long ago. I mean, it is 4 years. But man, I thought it was worse.

I know, procrastinatring for 4 years on uploading a simple competition page tells a lot, and I'm not sure what I can say. Time brings its toll. I moved to other stuff, tried many things, chucked many projects, game dev and non-game dev related. That's just me. Nevertheless, not to leave on a bleak note, I will try to give my own farewell to the community and the compiler via one FINAL competition, in a sense one conscientiously organized as the FINAL. I just hate disappearing with a "I'll be back" note, only to drop the ball hard, if you know what I mean. Don't worry. I'm not counting on people checking up on this website after such a long hiatus. I'll spam around about the new competition. See you around. You know who you are.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Finally another update. Sorry people for an update taking me so long to do, but I kind of burned out this year, tried several other things, before realizing game dev and indie game dev pomotion is the thing I am really interested in doing in my spare time. Let's hope I'll keep this momentum, since it is hard getting back from any longer break. First step, another FBGD update! Quite few neat games here, including most entries from the last FBGD competition:

Free Puzzle - 13/20
The Valley - 12/20
Wargames - 10/20
BrainSport - 12/20
Laser - 13/20
Santa Inc. - 11/20
Odysseasons - 15/20
Pyromax Dax - 14/20
Spring Forward! - 11/20
Ultrabreaker - 14/20

Also, I uploaded a new version of MyDDDungeonsGL, as well an important update on Rise of the Bustrons!, now entitled Dr Mudball: Rise of the Bustrons DX, which gets an increase in score from me.

Please be so kind to check out all the new entries and download/comment those interesting enough to you. Commenting and emailing the authors is more that appreciated. Let us support each other!

Anyway, hoping to be here more often and develop more actively in the remainder of this year. I have few game dev projects in the works, as well one semi-secret project involving FreeBASIC, game dev, and education material. We'll see how that goes. Could be beneficial for me in the sense of organizing my current game dev skills and expanding them in a meaningful manner. Until next time, happy coding friends!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Finally got of my ass to publish a webpage for our latest FBGD game making competition. This year's theme was seasons of the year, and you can read more about the entires and the winner on this webpage.

Hoping to find energy for a regular FBGD update soon, but failing to find focus and motivation for pretty much anything beside regular work lately, and not happy about it. Arm yourself with patience. Sadly, canít say anything more comforting at the moment.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Issue #9 of BASIC Gaming is out. Download/read issue #9 here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Back from the dead, after 9 months of no game updates! Sorry about that, guys. Not sure what happened to me, but these updates every 6 or more months are really unnecessary and only make this work, once I get to do it, a very strenuous experience. What it shouldn't be! Hope to make this a monthly business, even if it has to be 1 game per update. So no less than 18 "new" games this time. Don't forget to give each and every one a peek. A bit sad I have to score so many with seemingly poor scores, but many with their size and content don't cut it to be in the top third. Nevertheless, most of these also feature very slick design or clever ideas, like Num Racer, so to any curious player/game developer, they are a must see, despite the score. The conclusion is that we are missing slightly better produced games, and hopefully my new FBGD annual game making competition will provoke at least one new excellent FreeBASIC game. I donít have doubts. So stay tuned for the new FBGD competition about to start within a week lasting till February of 2013. 300 $ first prize this time. Theme? You will have to wait. Anyway, letís get back to games in this update:

Connect 4 FB - 12/20
Bank Run - 09/20
PITSTOP 2000 - 11/20
Four - 12/20
Lawn Mower - 07/20
JewelX - 11/20
S.O.S. - 12/20
Convex Wars FB - 14/20
Fifteens - 10/20
Game207 - 10/20
Loxi - 11/20
Frogger - 08/20
NumRacer - 10/20
Hangman Halloween - 09/20
MyDDDungeonsGL - 11/20
GameWord - 08/20
RotateGame - 10/20
Planets of Mystery - 11/20

Definitely don't miss out Convex Wars, S.O.S. and Four from this update. Anyway, with this update we officially passed the 200 games mark on the website. Celebrate! I think we (the community) deserve a compliment or two for this small milestone. Beside the new entries, be sure to check out the new versions of YAGAC and ESCHECS.

What else? Well, as usual, a new number of BASIC Gaming is in the works, but due this update and the upcoming FBGD game dev competition, I might have to push it one week forward to somewhere around 1st of December. We are talking about issue 9 here. If you missed it, issue 8 is out since 23rd of September. Due webspace problems I had to remove links to archived issues 1 and 2. Hopefully I will be able to negotiate more webspace from Plasma and/or consider migrating BASIC Gaming to another place. If you missed it, we have a new website background. A much slicker one, if I may say so. Anyway, a lot of events coming up, time to be depressed. Dance, smile, create, love! :)

News posted by Dean Janjic

Issue #7 of BASIC Gaming is out since July 15th. I'm really slow with these news. Download/read issue #7 here. Issue #8 is coming out within few weeks. Will also try to find time one weekend for a regular update on the site. With BASIC Gaming on my activity list it's hard to find energy to make regular updates, but I see now that almost 6 months have gone since the last update and that's way too much time for any excuse. Will put this on my priority list after BASIC Gaming issue #8. Cheers!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Issue #6 of BASIC Gaming is out since May 24th. Finally got around to update the ezine webpage. Download/read issue #6 here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

I'm finally back with another regular update. 17 new entries in total tell that this update was long overdue (a not that there are few older entries that slipped under my radar). I apologize for the delay and let's hope it won't repeat soon. Be sure to check them all out and see what might be of your interested. A quite nice amount of excellent games, as well as few really cool mini games, so think about the scores in those terms.

Blackout - 13/20
Reinkarnoid - 14/20
Brick 2 - 12/20
Dashit - 12/20
FB-Snarl - 10/20
Das Magische Labyrinth - 11/20
Space Invaders Mini - 07/20
Tailgunner - 08/20
ESCHECS - 11/20
Deep Deadly Dungeons ISO - 14/20
Invasion of the Mononites! - 12/20
Yet Another Game About Colors - 15/20
XO5 - 09/20
Pair Game - 10/20
Color Eater 3D - 14/20
RACESII - 14/20
Epic Lander - 12/20

Also, don't forget to check the new version of Witchcraft Adventure (ver.1.8) with many bug fixes if you haven't before. And finally, I missed a game you think that should be on FBGD, don't hesistate to email me.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Issue #5 of BASIC Gaming is out! Download/read it here. Regular FBGD update should come soon. Sorry for the delays.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Our latest Rescue The Color competition has ended, and you can read more about it on the official competition page here. Be sure to check out the page of our 3rd competition as well, because I finally updated it with the newest version of Witchcraft Adventure. Stay tuned for regular FBGD updates. Hopefully in a month or so. Cheers!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Issue #3 of our BASIC Gaming ezine is out. Download it here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

I opened a webpage for the BASIC Gaming ezine. Check it out here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

After quite a while, I'm updating the site with 7 new games.

Golf Solitaire - 12/20
Sea Battle 2.0 - 13/20
FreeBASIC Miner - 16/20
Brillian Bash - 11/20
Depths of Darkness - 13/20
Das Gleis Desaster - 11/20

I'm waiting for few projects to develop a bit further before adding them into the database. Games like Prospector and PacMan 2. So don't worry. I'm keeping an eye on you.

In less than 48 hours, I will also release another issue of BASIC Gamer, featuring 2 reviews, 1 interview, 1 tutorial, and much more.

On the top on all that, our annual game making competition is approaching, so stay tuned for that. 200 $ first prize guaranteed! All in all, an exciting end of the year awaits for us.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Not a games update this time, but great news on a new FB/QB64/QB games ezine I started publishing, and the first issue is here.


News posted by Dean Janjic

Another update, featuring no less than 10 games:

Alien Shooter - 07/20
Battleship - 10/20
LanMar - 11/20
FancyMines - 11/20
8venture - 10/20
Face Invaders 2020 - 05/20
Bad Came Guy - 06/20
Adventure for Breakfast! - 12/20
Plix Towerdefense - 14/20
Witchcraft Adventure - 16/20

Stay tuned for other updates.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Our latest Gameplay Combo competition has ended, and you can read more about it on the official competition page here. I'm hoping to find time for a regular update soon as well, because with the games from this competition and few others, it should make a decent update. Cheers!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Be sure not to miss our annual FBGD game making competition. This time it's sponsored with 300 $, the theme is GAMEPLAY COMBINATION, and it lasts till 17th of January of 2011. For more details visit the main competition thread: link

Thank you for participating!

News posted by Dean Janjic

We are back with an update this time. 6 games total, but somewhat weaker entries this time. New entries:

Asteroids - 12/20
CarMadness: Game - 04/20
Free Bowling! - 06/20
The Stranger's Adventure - 11/20
NuwanOmbi - 08/20
StarClear - 08/20

We could say that the community is going thourgh a dry spell of some sort. No major projects are being heavily developed (not that I know of), only, many projects are contemplated on, some tech demos released, some engines, major movements, like I said. We can only hope the release of relsoft's GL2D and Oz's new Chipmunk's headers will inspire our community members to start creating bigger and better than during the last year or so, because truly, we have everything we need to make awesome indie games. Nothing is stopping us but our own apathy or lack of interest, on which we all have the right. But like I said, "FB can't do it" is not an excuse anymore!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we are not back with a proper update, but more with some news brief on the current game development in the community. Sadly, since February this year there were no notable releases to warrant a proper update. Boondog was updated to a new version (1.4), as well as DarkPhear (1.1.5). No score changes. There are few of completed but really small games, like rolliebollocks's Free Bowling and JaDogg's NuwanOmbi Card Game and Car Madness, but I'm waiting for more projects to complete in order to have a proper update.

There is a whole load of work in progress and we should have new entries soon, it's just, so many projects get started and then we never hear what happened with them. From projects in development I would like to point out:

Boondog 2 that is looking really cool and we all remember how part one was great to play (link)
magellan's Prospector (link)
Ophelius' Galaxicus (link)
mrToad's Alvarian Tales (link)
rdc's Deep Deadly Dungeons 2 (link)
The Car's Deathmatching Game (link)
BadMrBox's Eternal Quest (link)
commanderraven's Moria 5 (link)
Joe King's Toadman 3 (link)
N3trunn3r's Endless Adventures (link)
chung's Irrlich 3D projects
Z!re's continuously developing MMORTS Gods and Idols (; a really cool game, but might be out of scope of this directory).

All promising projects worthy to have an eye on.

I can definitely promise another cash award competition toward the end of this year. We'll do our best to keep the game development in the community alive, but we can't do this alone. Happy coding guys.

News posted by Dean Janjic

I opened a page for our recently finished Antagonist Competition. Check it out here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Back with another update! This one features no less than 9 new games, 4 comming from our Antagonist competition, recently organized by FBGD. The games in this update:

Robots - 09/20
Sonic the Hedgehog - 12/20
Yablon - 10/20
Loggik - 06/20
Revenge of the Bricks - 8/20
Pac-Man: Ghosts - 12/20
Bowser's Story - 14/20
Slime Quest (Antagonist competition winner)- 14/20
Amarnath - 13/20

I'm planning to open a permanent page to archive the Antagonist competition soon, like I did with the previous one. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity this year for FBGD to host and sponsor another competition. Regarding future updates, I'm keeping an eye on the community as always looking for new FB games to add to the directory. I'm aware of Prospector, irr_chung, Armour Ranger, Artemis, DDD2, Dr_D's projects and various other games in development, but I need developers' support on this if they want for their game to be adequately tracked. Post in the forum's projects section please if you have something to show. Until next update, happy coding!

News posted by Dean Janjic

Returning with an update after 7 months of hiatus! Don't worry. I'm alive and kicking. I was mostly busy with various life endeavors and challenges I was mostly busy with various life endeavors and challenges, but I've returned and eager to bring some life back into this site. Hopefully I'll have your support. The games in today update are as follows:

Nyx - 11/20
DarkPhear (Windows/Linux port) - 15/20
The Last Mission - 13/20
Operation Flytrap - 13/20
Checkers - 8/20
Digit! - 3/20

I'm keeping track on several games in development, but am as usual hoping to be informed about any project that I missed to spot. Keep an eye on the site as I plan to start a 50 $ sponsored game competition right here at FBGD in the next week. The theme and rules of the competition have not been devised yet (but soon will be), and I plan to let is last from 30 to 60 days max. Stay tuned!

News posted by Dean Janjic

After quite a delay, I'm updating the site with 2 new games:

Escape from Lab 42 - 12/20
The Shmup of Death - 12/20

Mahjong has been update with a bugfix and English version. There are few interesting games in development like Artemis, Super Star Trek 2009, Ultrabreaker, Eternal Quest, The Sword of Light, DarkPhear FB port, Prospector and Martial Trauma. Take special note of Artemis and Martial Trauma. Looking forward to some of these games being completed. Until next update...take care.

News posted by Dean Janjic

3 new games in this update, including the final version of Galactic Empire (earlier we featured a demo):

Galactic Empire v.1.03 - 15/20
Mahjong - 11/20
Flash Flood - 11/20

Also, many games are currently being developed, some of which are: The Last Mission, Prospector, Jumpin' Hi, Pyramid Fload, Space Recycler, Ultrabreaker, Titus, DEN RPG, Rusty & the Pharaohs Tomb, Two Lords full version, and Armour Ranger. A note to developers: I'm watching you. ;)

News posted by Dean Janjic

Sorry for the delay, but there wasn't much game design activity for the past month. Anyway, I'm updating with 3 games, again including two games from Wooden Fisherman.

The Poo Game - 11/20
Shapes - 11/20
Gorevania - 13/20

Also, Tuberacer has been update to version 0.95 with a score increase. There are quite few FB games being developed, from Bliss (Eclipzer, where are you?), Jumpin' Hi, The Sword of Light, to The Last Mission. Let's hope those won't end up being vaporware (or demos) as many FB projects before.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Another update with 4 new games, including 3 from duke4e's Wooden Fisherman project. Also, there is an update on Fluid Wars (also by duke4e), so be sure to check that out too. Anyway, the games from this update:

Two Lords - Episode I - 15/20
Lunch A Tree - 09/20
Overload - 12/20
Sticky - 12/20

News posted by Dean Janjic

4 new games in this update:

Earth Tetris - 13/20
Prompt Critical - 15/20
Smiley Godbots - 08/20
FBEXT SLOTS! - 07/20


News posted by Dean Janjic

This supposed to be the best FBGD update yet, but since someone dropped the ball in the last minute (let's not name names), one game had to be left out until the next update. Still, this update contains the second game that received 17/20 from FBGD, Axiebal 7. So be sure to check this game out. You won't regret. Beside that, I'm adding the winner of our first compo and another retro game by Vincent DeCampo. Oh, also there is a mini game by the author of Boondog featured in this update.

Axiebal 7 - 17/20
Uminva FB - 13/20
Star Castle - 13/20
Zap Zap Zap - 09/20

Games pending for the next update: Prompt Critical 1.2 (I hate you for this syn9 :P), FB Slots, Smiley Godbots, Tube Racer 0.95, Alzir Demo and maybe Bliss.

News posted by Dean Janjic

We added a competitions page, which is featuring our first competition and its winner, Uminva FB.

Download the competition winner here.

News posted by Dean Janjic

We are back with 4 new games. Things have been going slowly for the past month. Well, as far as complete games goes. The games in this update:

Galactic Empire (Demo) - 14/20 (1)
Missile Command - 13/20 (1)
Berzerk 2.0 - 12/20 (1)
Shoot - 07/20 (1)

Much earlier the staff rating of Boondog has been increased to 15 (ver. 1.2).

News posted by Dean Janjic

Another update with 5 games this time and a RPG maker, which should be known to all comming form the old community:

Boondog - 14/20 (1)
Fluid Wars - 12/20 (1)
O.H.R.RPG.C.E - 16/20 (1)
Emeritius Pong - 12/20 (1)
Simon - 10/20 (1)
A Fascinating Discovery - 09/20 (1)

Quite few quality entries this time, so be sure to check them out. Also, you might have noticed that only I rated games in this update. My staff members seem to be preoccupied with more socially redeeming stuff. This is one of those days (wee, look at the date!) when you ask yourself "Why am I here?" Oh, well. Until next update, keep your spirits up. ;)

Oh, almost forgot. WordGuess score has been reduced to 8/20 because I realized I gave it a score too high.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Ok, we are back with 6 games after a perhaps too long break, but there was nothing really calling for an urgent update. As of this update we crossed the 100 games landmark. Wee! The games included in this update are as follows:

Rotation - 09/20 (3)
Penguin - 10/20 (4)
Dungeon of Doom - 12/20 (1)
FB Tic Tac Toe - 08/20 (1)
Barren - 16/20 (3)
Explode - 12/20 (1)

Also, two reviews have been added in the database. Mystikshadows' review of Sokoban DBOS (QBE), and slayer's review of Star Cage (GameHippo). This sums up to 15 reviews total. A nice number.

There were some changes in the staff members list, but who cares? Beside that, things are moving along. I realized how futile is to list WIP (well, until we do something about that), so nothing regarding that in this news. Anyway, keep coding FreeBASIC games (and only FreeBASIC games). Or else...

News posted by Dean Janjic

Yet another update with 4 new games. This sums up to 96 games in the directory. Help us pass the 100 games landmark! The games in this update are:

Hex Factor - 13/20 (3)
Royal Rumble - 09/20 (3)
FreeBASIC Nibbles - 11/20 (2)
Rise of the Bustrons! - 13/20 (3)

Fluid Wars is on my to-do list. It should appear in the next update.

The games on the watchlist: Plix, Alzir, Chuckie's Egg, Moon Project (canceled, looking for the FINAL demo), Bullet Cloud, Brick Mayhem, Snake, Two Lords (canceled, a public demo is expected), Link Line, Armour Ranger and Gods and Idols.

News posted by Dean Janjic

4 new additions to the directory. These are:

UnAlien - 12/20 (4)
Panda Hack - 11/20 (4)
SKB - 13/20 (3)
Trucs Qui s'Emboitent - 12/20 (3)

Few old staff ratings have been changed due new ratings submitted by some of the staff members. These changes include Sokoban 3D going from 13/20 to 14/20 and TubeRacer from 16/20 to 13/20. Also, you might have noticed that I added listing by downloads (left menu).

The games on the watchlist: Plix, Alzir, Chuckie's Egg, Moon Project, Bullet Cloud, HEX Factor, Snake, Two Lords, Link Line, Royal Rumble, Armour Ranger, FreeBASIC Nibbles and Gods and Idols.

News posted by Dean Janjic

After a month of delay, we are back with 4 new games on our list.

The games in this update are as follows:

Sokoban DBOS - 16/20 (4)
Puzzle - 09/20 (4)
Van Hascii! - 08/20 (3)
Hedge Row - The Maze Game - 11/20 (4)

UnAlien by Kristopher Windsor was released a day before this update, so I didn't make into it. It will definitely appear in the next one. Also, a quite hefty amount of games is currently on our watchlist. We hope at least a half of these will be completed in the near future. The games on the watchlist: Sudoku, Alzir, Chuckie's Egg, Moon Project, Bullet Cloud, HEX Factor, Block Chase, Xatax, Two Lords, Link Line, Royal Rumble, Train Wreck.

If a developer of any of these game finalized (doesn't expect or plan to release new versions) his project as a demo or a complete game, please be so kind to notify us.

Also, don't forget to visit our new forum which is growing quite nicely. Many game dev related code to read there.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Ok, we are back with another update after quite a while. I should apologize for this, but since the FreeBASIC game design scene was rather sluggish lately we didn't miss much. Most games included in this update are those from the ciw1973's Space Invaders competion. Beside the regular update we have one big news Ė as of now FreeBASIC Games Directory features its very own forum! If you are a FreeBASIC game designer or player be so kind to support us by registering there. Feel free to use the forum to advertise your FreeBASIC game projects, comment other people's games, ask for game design / programming tips, and similar. Thank you. Back to our regular update.

The games in this update are as follows:

Drone Rescue - 11/20 (2)
Invader FB Ė The Final Story - 13/20 (2)
Vandris Escape - 11/20 (2)
Sector Shock - 12/20 (2)
ORB! - 12/20 (2)
Invatris - 10/20 (1)
TubeRacer ver.0.58 - 16/20 (1)

Games currently on my watchlist: Jigsaw by Mysoft and HEX FACTOR by vdecampo.

News posted by Dean Janjic

7 news games in this update. No real major releases, but take a note of Easter Cortex, a really cool Sokoban-like game. By my humble opinion, the best FreeBASIC puzzle game so far.

The games in this update are as follows:

Mine Field 2 - 08/20 (3)
Pang! The Pocket-Pong - 10/20 (2)
Shooter - 10/20 (3)
Asteroids - 11/20 (3)
Easter Cortex - 15/20 (2)
Classic Art Slider Puzzle ver.0.1 - 10/20 (2)
Frantik - 10/20 (3)
Mine (version update) - 08/20 (3)
Lander (version update) - 14/20 (3)

Also, two older games have been updated (points to the list).

As for other database changes Ė Mighty Line score was changed from 15 to 14.

I was too arsed to do anything else related to the look and format of the site beside adding a random game button (left menu).

Until next update, support the site.

News posted by Dean Janjic

A somewhat smaller update this time, but this really doesn't depend on us. One complete game, and two playable demos.

The games in this update are as follows:

Mighty Line - 15/20 (2)
Moon Project Beta 1 - 12/20 (3)
1945 ver.0.55 - 10/20 (3)

The score was changed for Crane (from 9 to 10), as an extra download was added for the same game.

Also, a review of Zonaxtic! by Pritchard was added on Zonaxtic's page (an old news, but never announced).

Some changes regarding user comments are planned (asterisk that would point on new comments), but sadly this has to be postponed for the next update.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Finally another update. Sorry it took me so long, but there wasn't much to update for some two weeks. This update now includes 6 games total. Few very interesting additions, so be sure to check them.

The games in this update are as follows:

Crane - 09/20 (3)
Catloaf: 2600 - 13/20 (3)
Zonaxtic! - 14/20 (2)
Petals Around the Rose - 03/20 (2)
Mine - 04/12 (2)
Skippy - 11/20 (2)

I urge those few regular visitors and supporters to take few minutes and comment 1 or 2 games. Without user support (which is quite lacking for the last month) this site will start having less and less sense, and my motivation for updates will decrease (won't disappear, but still).

Score changes: Gemhunt: from 7 to 5, Dark Ages FreeBASIC (from 13 to 12 - bug report, might reduce it even more later).

Game currently on my watchlist: 1945 by dreamerman, Laser Pipes by Mlok, Moon Project by AlexZ, Mighty Line by Lachie Dazdarian, The Fallen Lands of Old by inded005.

News posted by Dean Janjic

The directory is updated with 4 games and a version change of an old entry. Also, I added a new "screenshot showcase" feature on the games table (screenshots are displayed randomly). Lemme know what you think of this. A link to anarky's FB-World is added in the links section, and all staff members with their emails are listed in the contact section. Oh yes, I also added a form for sending suggestions/comments/reports regarding the site or games in the directory. You can access it also from the contact page.

The games in this update are as follows:

Lander - 12/20 (4)
Lodestar (version change) - 14/20 (4)
Marvelous Twilight - 13/20 (4)
MULTICOLOR - 9/20 (3)
Color Triple YAHTZEE! - 12 (1)

Beside the titles are the games' ratings, while in brackets are the numbers of staff members that submitted their ratings for a specific game. The final rating for a specific game is the average of all the staff ratings, rounded on a whole number (example, 11.2 is 11, 9.5 is 10, 13.8 is 14, etc.)

Games currently on the watchlist: 1945 by dreamerman.

News posted by Dean Janjic

The directory is updated with 7 games. Basically the last scoop of the community past work, but quite few new games as well. Few more games are left to be added from the past, but not really rewarding ones. I don't like giving really low scores and antagonizing people so I'm postponing some additions. But of course, there might be a good older FB game I missed so donít go apeshit on me.

The games in this update are as follows:

Sokoban 3D (Demo) - 13/20
They Came... We shot them down - 13/20
Simple Shooter FB - 8/20
Rambo Vs. Kitty Cat - 8/20
Lodestar - 11/20
Dark Spelunker - 7/20
ParaChuters - 11/20

Games currently on the watchlist: Lander by redcrab and Marvelous Twilight by relsoft and Adigun Polack

If the developers of these games feel that the games in question are done in their current state, please contact me. I don't feel like uploading a single game in the directory for several times (especially if it's big), with every new build/version change, so be sure what are you asking.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Random game feature added and rating policy changed. Now to rate a game, you need to submit a comment. And for a specific game, the submitted score will be attached to the name the user inputs with the comment. In case of false pretending, the real person whose nick was abused can post a comment on the same game and it will be visible right away that he/she didnít rate the game as the imposter or at all.

News posted by Dean Janjic

Welcome to FreeBASIC Games Directory, a site dedicated to collecting all FreeBASIC games ever released. My goal with this site is to create a recognizable place for FreeBASIC games on the net, a place where FreeBASIC developers and interested individuals can have an access to almost all FreeBASIC games ever released, nicely archived and scored, everything being available through various filtering and the search engine.

All the site features, from staff rating to user rating and comments, were designed to be a motivator for developers to create more and better. Now they can be sure that their game will be hosted and evaluated somewhere, other than just being shown in a forum thread. Be sure to support your fellow developers by downloading, scoring and commenting their games. Letís create a nice place for all of us, together.

Iím always looking for ways to improve the site. The quality of FreeBASIC Games Directory depends on your feedback and support. Thank you.

Games pending for the directory: Sokoban 3D, They (demo or completed game), Lander (demo or completed game), Simple Shooter FB, Rambo vs. Kitty Cat, Flow Control (perhaps; the game NEEDS documentation). Sorry for this. Iím kind of burned out with adding games in the directory. Thank you for you patience.

News posted by Dean Janjic