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Title:Das Gleis DesasterGenre:Puzzle
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:No
Description:A rather novel variation on the classic sliding block puzzle game, where the player needs to slide the pieces of the terrain in order to align the train track from the preset start to the designated end. As you slide blocks the train moves on the available track, and you need to align the blocks before the train crashes into a non-train track block. The game is in German, but the text is minimal so this is not an obstacle to play it. It features ok presentation, 10 very challenging levels to beat (I canít pass level 3!), but rather crude a limited graphics, and somewhat cumbersome controls. I donít know, it just doesnít feel fluid enough. A simple game that could have been much more, but even in this low-production form, itís very fun and challenging to play.
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Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:11 / 20
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