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FBGD Retro 2008 Competition
This competition was held in the FreeBASIC community from 28.8.2008 till 21.09.2008.
The competition rules:
  • The game could be of any genre, coded in FreeBASIC, in 640*480 graphics resolution
  • The minimum graphics unit had to be an 8x8 pixels sized block or any bigger than that multiplied with 2 (16x16, 32x32), in order to emulate 80x60 resolution
  • Only allowed colors were those from the default 16-colors EGA palette
  • Sound and music were allowed
  • Third party libraries were allowed
  • There were no code size/style restrictions
  • The competition started on 28th of August, and all entries had to be submited before 21st Semptember of 2008, 18:00 GMT.
All entries were rated by me (Lachie Dazdarian) in 9 categories (Game design - 20 points, Gameplay - 15 Points, Presentation - 10 Points, Originality - 10 Points, Controls - 10 Points, Progression - 10 Points, Replay Value - 10 Points, Sound/music - 8 points, Personal likeness - 4 points), with the maximum of 122 points.
The official entries and their scores:

T Tanks by Mentat Racer by ssjx Curse of the Midnight Wobble-Butt Attack Squad (unfinished) by Dr_D Uminva FB by ChangeV
The winner - Uminva FB

Uminva FB is a remake of an MSX game. It's a wonderful pesudo-3D shooter, something in the line of Space Harrier. You control a flying vehicle of some sort and shoot at the approaching squids, preventing them to get behind you. Each one that passes you reduces your energy. It's a score driven game with two settings (water and forest) exchanging, plus the bonus stages. The game features excellent and addictive gameplay, and cool retro design. It was a deserving winner of this competition.
First place ribbon:

Competition forum thread:
Competition results forum thread:
The aftermath:

This page will also follow the aftermath of the competition as several entries didn't make in the official competition. If some of them get finished, the progress will be recorded here.

Some of the unfinished entries:
Mysoft Soccer by Mysoft (in development)

Pakkuman by LukeL (in development)

Golf by Conextion (status unknown)