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Description:Windows and Linux port of a classic QB RPG. The original game is a great effort by its developers, very polished, but summed up it's only an above average freeware RPG. DarkPhear is a classic console-style RPG, with the usual overworld maps, weapons, leveling up, and similar standard features in these type of RPGs, but it also includes few noteworthy novelties (like being able to manage your leveling-up or cash-in the kills you make in Monster guilds). The game features a quite large world to explore, although the story develops somewhat slow and on too many instances the player is forced to pass through the usual leveling-up chore before being able to advance. While the graphics are above average, they look way too bland and repetetive on many places. The original music is very good, but the retro chiptune sound doesn't seem suitable for the game's style of graphics, in my opinion.
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 Staff Rating:15 / 20
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