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FBGD Rescue The Colors Competition
This competition was held in the FreeBASIC community from 10.11.2011. till 31.01.2012. and was sponsored by FBGD.
The competition rules:
  • The competition started on November 10th, 2011.
  • The entries had to begin in two-color (black+white) mode and feature unlocking/finding of new colors, which effected the gameplay and/or look of the game (the menu, intro story were allowed to be multi-color)
  • The game had to be compiled in FreeBASIC
  • The source code had to be provided with the entry
  • All libraries wrapped for FreeBASIC were allowed
  • The competition entries had to be be submitted before 00:01 GMT 1st of February, 2012.
  • FBGD awarded the competitors with 50 $ for 2nd place and 250 $ for the 1st place
All entries were rated by me (Lachie Dazdarian) in 7 categories (Game design - 35 points, Gameplay - 15 Points, Progression - 6 Points, Replay Value - 6 Points, Graphics - 7 points, Sound/music - 7 points, Personal likeness - 6 points), total 82 points, and by the community vote (minimum 0 points, maximum 9 points).
Four valid entries were submitted. The official entries and their scores as follows:

Invasion of the Mononites! by ssjx
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Community vote: 2nd place (6 points)
  • Total score: 54/91
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 3rd place (3 points)
  • Total score: 60/91
Color Eater 3D by Gothon Y.A.G.A.C. by Landeel
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 1st place (9 points)
  • Total score: 69/91 - 1st place (250 $ award)
The winner - Y.A.G.A.C.

For the first time in the history of FBGD competitions we had a rather close race, with all of submitted entries being of similar high quality and dealing with the competition theme equally well. Although I can't say that this competition delivered an entry of Witchcraft Adventure quality, it definitely resulted in games that pushed some boundaries in our game development community, with the superb platform engine in Y.A.G.A.C. (best ever in FB, IMO), or excellent and pretty much third ever thought-out 3D game in FreeBASIC - Color Eater 3D. I definitely recommend all games from this competition and look forward to updates on Color Eater 3D and RACESII that were promised and will be featured here. Thanks to all participants once more.
Competition forum thread:
Competition results forum thread: