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Title:Galactic EmpireGenre:Strategy
Description:A solid GalCon clone. Galactic Empire is a simple but addictive strategy game where the goal is to conquer the solar system while pit against 1 or more computer opponents. This version doesn't come with campaigns, so this is basically a coffee break game, although you can make the game harder on yourself with more planets and better AI.

The music and sound effects are well picked and moody, while the graphics are nicely designed and composed, making the game appear very stylish. I can only complain on the chosen in-game background.

It should be noted that the original GalCon is a much more vibrant and faster game (definitely less dark), and by my opinion superior to this clone.

This final version does not include campaigns, but introduces the addition of minimal diplomacy, multiple star systems, artifacts, 3 technology devices you can research and use during the game, and even more stylish and polished design.
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:15 / 20
User rating:13.33 / 20 Votes [9] Comment and rate
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