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FBGD Seasons of the Year Competition
This competition was held in the FreeBASIC community from 21.11.2012. till 04.03.2013. and was sponsored by FBGD.
The competition rules:
  • The competition started on November 21st, 2012.
  • The objective of the competition was to create a game that features seasons of the year, either symbolically (like a logical game not placed in some reality) or literally, connected or not with the gameplay. Higher points were awarded to entries where characteristics/nature of seasons of the year were interwoven with the gameplay, less points went to games where seasons were only the backdrop.
  • The game had to be compiled in FreeBASIC
  • The source code had to be provided with the entry
  • All libraries wrapped for FreeBASIC were allowed
  • The competition entries had to be be submitted before 18:00 GMT 4th of March, 2013.
  • FBGD awarded the competitors with 50 $ for 3rd place, 100 $ for 2nd place and 350 $ for the 1st place
All entries were rated by me (Lachie Dazdarian) in 7 categories (Game design - 35 points, Gameplay - 15 Points, Progression - 6 Points, Replay Value - 6 Points, Graphics - 7 points, Sound/music - 7 points, Personal likeness - 6 points), total 82 points, and by the community vote (minimum 0 points, maximum 9 points).
Four valid entries were submitted. The official entries and their scores as follows:

Spring Forward by ssjx
  • Download: (423 KB)
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 4th place (0 points)
  • Total score: 45/91
Pyromax Dax by relminator
  • Download: (2366 KB)
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 2dn place tie (6 points)
  • Total score: 58/91 - 3rd place (50 $ award)
Paradox Girl (Alpha) by Eponasoft
  • Download: pdgalpha.7z (115 008 KB)
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 2nd place tie (6 points)
  • Total score: 61/91 - 2nd place (100 $ award)
Odysseasons by Landeel
  • Download: (13 384 KB)
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 1st place (9 points)
  • Total score: 71/91 - 1st place (350 $ award)
The winner - Odysseasons

This was another successful FBGD competition, but maybe a little disappointing in the number of entries, having in mind the longest time to develop and highest cash prize ever. Few entries were full in development that remained incomplete for the competition, but at the time of publication of this page (few months after the end of competition), they still remain unfinished. I also hoped that more developers would take a more experimental/artistic approach to the theme. Nevertheless, as it is, the competition resulted in 4 noteworthy entries, either conceptually interesting and/or production-wise. Paradox Girl is definitely worth being checked out due its uncommon and quirky execution and changing gameplay, but was also released unfinished for the competition (still fully playable). Pyromax Dax is a great showcase of a superb platform engine, and a damn challenging game. Spring Forward showcases a potential concept to be rebooted, while the winning entry, Odysseasons, is a wonderful medium-sized platform game built on YAGAC's engine. It is a game that exploits the theme both gameplay and design wise, expressing the passage of time and growth of the main character as the seasons progress. Definitely a must play.
Competition forum thread:
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