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Title:Smiley GodbotsGenre:Action
Developer:Rollie BollocksYear:2008
Version:2.00 BetaSource:No
Description:Smiley Godbots is a rather messy ASCII fighting game, a type of game that at the very beginning doesn't promise much, not the mention when itís poorly executed.

This game features a quite large amount of options and game modes, allowing you to build your fighter (bot) and create an AI for him, which is necessary to advance in certain game modes. What really damages this game are poor presentation, confusing menus and controls, and very steep learning curve not allowing the player to get accustomed with the gameplay. Also, the very fighting is cumbersome and messy like in most ASCII fighting games. Another thing that doesnít help this game is its theme and style, which most will find annoying and some quite insulting.

The rating Smiley Godbots received is mainly the result of the volume of content it provides and ambitious intentions, but beware that you will find it very difficult to actually play and enjoy this game.
Download Local:Available (4826 KB) [2909]Website:Not Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:8 / 20
User rating:11.00 / 20 Votes [3] Comment and rate
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