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FBGD Gameplay Combo Competition
This competition was held in the FreeBASIC community from 02.11.2010 till 17.01.2011 and was sponsored by FBGD.
The competition rules:
  • The competition started on November 2nd, 2010
  • The entries had to include at least two obviously different gameplays/game modes, connected in a single game
  • The game had to be compiled in FreeBASIC
  • The source code had to be provided with the entry
  • All libraries wrapped for FreeBASIC were allowed
  • The competition entries had to be be submitted before 20:00 GMT January 17th, 2011
  • FBGD awarded the competitors with 50 $ for 3rd place, 100 $ for 2nd place, and 200 $ for the first place
All entries were rated by me (Lachie Dazdarian) in 7 categories (Game design - 40 points, Gameplay - 10 Points, Progression - 6 Points, Replay Value - 6 Points, Graphics - 7 points, Sound/music - 7 points, Personal likeness - 4 points), total 80 points, and by the community vote (minimum 0 points, maximum 10 points).
Six valid entries were submitted. The official entries and their scores as follows:

Chack by Mitchell
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 6th place (0 points)
  • Total score: 15/90
Face Invaders 2020 by Brick Break
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 4th place tie (4 points)
  • Total score: 20/90
Bad Cave Guy by Kristopher Windsor
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1
  • Community vote: 4th place tie (4 points)
  • Total score: 24/90
Adventure for Breakfast! by ssjx
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 1st place tie (10 points)
  • Total score: 52/90 - 3rd place (50 $ award)
Plix TowerDefense by Tusike
  • Download: Plix TD
  • Download post-competition release (ver.1.2): Plix TD
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 3rd place (6 points)
  • Total score: 64/90 - 2nd place (100 $ award)
Witchcraft Adventure by N3trunn3r
The winner - Witchcraft Adventure

N3trunn3r designed a wonderful first person RPG, which not only being excellently produced, from presentation, graphics, sound/music and interface, dealt with the competition theme ingeniously. It's a dungeon crawler game that lets you play as a ghost from a different (top-down) perspective after you die, allowing you to explore the map and revive yourself on specific locations. This adds a whole new level of depth to classic first person role-playing experience, and in the same time results in fun gameplay. 5 complex dungeons to explore, numerous monster and characters to meet, weapons to find, objects to use and combine, adventure-like puzzles to solve. You name it. All that an excellent game must contain, Witchcraft Adventure delivers. Definitely a deserving winner of this competition and a game I can highly recommend to anyone interested in retro-style games, not only role-playing ones.
Competition forum thread:
Competition results forum thread:
The aftermath:

ChangeV, a regular FB competitions participant, started working on a cool-looking platform/top-down mix, but failed to deliver something for the competition. He promised to finish the game in his own time. Few screenshots from the demo: