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Title:Hex FactorGenre:Action
Developer:Vincent DeCampoYear:2008
Description:A nicely polished top-down space shooter, with above average graphics and solid music and sound effects.

The gameplay is level-based with a simple objective of destroying all the enemy ships present in the level. In each level there are turrets whose fire you need to avoid, but you can also destroy them with a specific weapon (although they are not the level objective).

Sadly, the gameplay if the weakest point of Hex Factor, with levels playing too monotonous and the AI being predictable and non-intriguing, destroying most of the possible strategic elements in this type of gameplay. Still, the game does feature 4 weapons and some interesting powerups.

Also, while the graphics do look nice, the overall graphical design is far from perfect, from the lack of better particle/explosion effects, to enemy space ships being nothing more but floating objects (no enemy ships that behave like yours).
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:13 / 20
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