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Title:Uminva FBGenre:Action
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:Yes
Description:An excellent retro style Space Harrier type of game. In Uminva FB you fly in some sort of tank and shoot at the approaching squids, preventing them to get behind you. Itís a remake of an MSX game. The game features excellent score driven gameplay (with a clever chain combo), two settings exchanging, bonus levels, and cool retro design. Being a mini game it lacks certain depth, but overall is excellent in what it tries to accomplish. Uminva FB comes with pleasant retro sound effects.

This game was made for the FBGD 2008 Retro competition and won it.
Download Local:Available (432 KB) [2811]Website:Not Available
Extra Download #1:NoneExtra Download #2:None
Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:14 / 20
User rating:11.00 / 20 Votes [1] Comment and rate
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