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FBGD Antagonist Competition
This competition was held in the FreeBASIC community from 22.11.2009 till 18.01.2010 and was sponsored by FBGD.
The competition rules:
  • The competition started on November 22nd, 2009
  • The gameplay of a submitted entry had to feature the player in the role of the antagonist(s), preferably represented through gameplay
  • The game had to be compiled in FreeBASIC
  • The source code had to be provided with the entry
  • All libraries wrapped for FreeBASIC were allowed
  • The competition entries had to be be submitted before January 18th, 2010
  • FBGD and Jattenalle (community member: API Studios) awarded the winner with 125 $, and the runner-up with 50 $
All entries were rated by me (Lachie Dazdarian) in 7 categories (Game design - 40 points, Gameplay - 10 Points, Progression - 6 Points, Replay Value - 6 Points, Graphics - 7 points, Sound/music - 7 points, Personal likeness - 4 points), total 80 points, and by the community vote (minimum 2 points, maximum 8 points).
The official entries and their scores:

Revenge of the Bricks by Kristopher Windsor Pac-Man: Ghosts by ssjx
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2
  • Community vote: 2nd place (6 points)
  • Total score: 49/88
Bowser's Story by ShawnLG
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Community vote: 3rd place (4 points)
  • Total score: 53/88 - 2nd place (50 $ award)
Slime Quest by ChangeV and JawsV
  • Download:
  • Screenshots: 1, 2, 3
  • Community vote: 1st place (8 points)
  • Total score: 64/88 - 1st place (125 $ award)
The winner - Slime Quest

ChangeV delivers another excellent competition entry with Slime Quest, a game that places the player in the role of a slime, the weakest JRPG monster, with a mission to escape imprisonment inside king's city. It's a single-screen action game where to goal in each area is to find a key and escape to the next one, fighting and avoiding various "hero" characters. The path to the exit from the city can be reached with different routes increasing the replay value of the game. The graphics and the engine is excellent, while the story is cute and witty, all what is usual for ChangeV and JawsV. Still, I found this game slightly less entertaining than ChangeV's previous competition effort - UminvaFB. Overall it's a better game, but maybe not addictive as UminvaFB.
Competition forum thread:
Competition results forum thread:
The aftermath:

None of the developers of the submitted entries expressed their desire to advance their entries at the time of the writing of this webpage. Same goes for other people who started working on entries for this competition, like Mitchell with his 3D raycasting engine, but never released anything that can be shown here. So it seems that this competition is pretty much wrapped up. Thanks to all participants.