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Title:Earth TetrisGenre:Action
Developer:Misha VoronchuckYear:2008
Description:A rather nice level-based Tetris game with very enjoyable and relaxing music (not sure if it's original) and well compiled sound effects. The graphical design is not that good, although the full screen nature photographs that accompany each level are well picked. The game features 15 levels, and after every 3 the theme changes (this includes the change of block graphics). The gameplay is somewhat cumbersome, with horizontal movement feeling quite sluggish, but with extended playing the player can adjust to it. The fact that each level is a new start (the playfield is cleared), together with the change of graphics and block shapes, increases the addictiveness and replay value of this game quite a bit.
Download Local:Available (5532 KB) [2817]Website:Not Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:13 / 20
User rating:12.25 / 20 Votes [4] Comment and rate
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