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Last Mission, The

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Dark Ages FreeBASIC12/20Mike Hoopmann and SJ Zero21013
Deep Deadly Dungeons14/20Richard Clark18974
Deep Deadly Dungeons ASCII12/20Richard Clark17943
Deep Deadly Dungeons ISO14/20yetifoot18411
Depths of Darkness13/20Destructosoft18480
Dungeon of Doom12/20George Veeder18031
Escape from Lab 4212/20Richard Clark17901
Mirkwood12/20Jocke The Beast17803
O.H.R.RPG.C.E16/20Hamster Republic18560
Planets of Mystery11/20Douglas Crawshaw Jr17962
QuickRogueFB12/20Richard Clark17763
Secret of Cooey, The11/20tunginobi and DarkDread17762
The Griffon Legend16/20syn922316
The Stranger's Adventure11/20Clay Dragon18801
The Valley12/20Vounim19230
Witchcraft Adventure16/20N3trunn3r19530

Number of entries: 19