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Reading comments for Secret of Cooey, The

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Author:LithiumPosted:11:42:27 (01.13.12)
DarkDread is legend. Did a little work with him back in the day, great guy. Too bad he's not making games anymore, but I believe he's enjoying himself anyway. This game is very simple yes, but it has a very good feel to it. Something that I find is missing in newer RPGs, like that feeling you got when you played Final Fantasy for the first time, it draws you in to it's world.

Author:redcrab (13)Posted:18:03:01 (07.03.07)
I m not fanatic of RPG game The gfx are simple but the overall is homogeneous, I like the way it is design. But not addictive as Lynn Legacy... You may say that , ther is no comparison... but until now LL is the best free RPG that i know.. sorry but LL smash any other RPG in my mind.

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