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About the FreeBASIC Games Directory

The FreeBASIC Games Directory is a website with a mission to collect, archive, and offer to public all (or at least most) FreeBASIC games ever released. This project was started as a reaction to the lack of similar sites in the FreeBASIC community, with a goal to be a support and motivator to developers. With the FreeBASIC Games Directory developers can be sure that their completed FreeBASIC products will have a place on a recognizable location on the web, and evaluated with other products.

The FreeBASIC games directory is always looking for completed FreeBASIC games to archive and possibly host (depends on the size of the game). If you have a game you want archived (includes scoring and a short description), and possibly hosted, please use the submission form (Submit Game link on the left).

We do not host games in development (demos). The only demos we are willing to host are the final ones of abandoned projects, or relevant demos (well packed) preceding final products with planned release dates in a relatively remote future.

We are always looking ways to improve the site/archive so all suggestion/critics are welcomed.

How to contribute?

You can contribute to this site by downloading games, scoring them, writing user comments, or writing reviews for games (use contact email to send them). Also, as previously said, always feel free to send your comments and suggestions regarding the site through forum or by sending me an email.