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Title:Depths of DarknessGenre:RPG
Description:Depth of Darkness is s a dungeon crawler with some classic arcade elements that will appeal the most to the fans of the genre, while others might find it a bit too daunting and difficult. The gameplay is based on exploring levels consisted of single screen rooms (tile-based movement), finding items and fighting various monsters, with a goal to reach level 100 and retrieve the Amulet of Retlam, and it's quite unforgiving. The game features nice presentation, animated story, but the overall graphical design feels a bit crude and sound effects are rather poorly picked. As I pointed out earlier, to the hard-core fans of the genre these flaws will mean a little, but to the majority of players the difficulty of the gameplay won't be compensated by the remaining game aspects that are average. I think the game would end up being much more approachable if it featured a “hard-save” after every 5 levels or so. In the current version, your save game slot is deleted if you die.

If you are into difficult games, this might appeal to you much more than to me.
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