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Author:prof99 (20)Posted:16:31:47 (02.05.13)
This is absolutely amazing. I, as the boy below, am 13 and want to learn programming. However I don't know much stuff besides "print" and making a calculator with all four standard functions. If anyone can help me, please email me at: or contact me through deviantart:

Author:vincent (20)Posted:20:53:39 (02.22.08)
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen written in freebasic or just about any form of basic. I'm 13 and an aspiring programmer but I don't know how to use graphic or pretty much anything besides pure text.Could you tell me how you learned. my email is

Author:cha0s (17)Posted:11:48:01 (07.08.07)
Oh yes, a must play for any action gamer. This game rocked hard.

Author:KiZ (17)Posted:12:23:03 (06.29.07)
A very enjoyable and beautiful game from one amazing developer. I really enjoyed testing and playing this game!

Author:Josiah Tobin (16)Posted:17:35:05 (06.28.07)
Very entertaining game. Not much in the way of story, but the game itself is addictive and very fun. Recommended to anyone who enjoys action games. ~Josiah

Author:PritchardPosted:12:52:47 (06.24.07)
Very fun game. Beautiful art. It's the only FB game of it's particular style of gameplay that I've played. It has a very cool battle animation, amazing magics, and very cool enemies. I recommend this game to just about anyone.

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