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Author:YedyVHZqC (11)Posted:15:34:24 (09.19.12)
Like you said Sony VAIO is sweet, yes every one will say WOW!! But the Most Important is The Components and of course Multi Purpose.At least the MINIMUM you sohuld see and checked. ASUS or GIGABYTE Motherboard Intel Processor CPU 2-GHz Core 2 Duo RAM 512MB Display Wide Screen 15 xx Hard Drive 160GB Max. Weight 7.5Lbs (6lbs is best) Graphic Card GeForce 8800M GTX (GeForce 9800M GTX SLI & Radeon HD 3870 X2 is the best) Wireless Integrated/Standard 802.11b or higher wireless card CD Rom DVD Re-writer (supports multiple formats) Infrared & Bluetooth interface (IEEE 802.15.1 compliant).Was this answer helpful?

Author:fTpoIHCG (11)Posted:08:36:50 (07.05.12)
Free Download Available Worldwide (aka Naughts and Crosses, Tick Tack Toe, and Xs and Os) (WiFi/3G NOT required, Interactive eBook Content) (Kindle Edition) Impressed, I wasn't etepcxing so much since I just paid more for a can of coke; not only can you one and two player tic tac toe, but also learn everything about the game's history, games based on it, and what I found interesting was the game theory application and strategy guide with a full chart/grid that you can use to easily see the best possible move for every turn. I still haven't won against the kindle but haven't tried since reading the strategies; however I did in the two-player mode against my sister and won a few times using the tricks I learned. What really impressed me was the graphics and layouts, there's a nice style to it, with the games app-like and the documentation ebook-like. I wish all the Kindle Books were formatted this nicely.

Author:Ryan (16)Posted:20:06:43 (09.29.07)
Incredible fun... the tutorial on getting started was great, and I had a good time playing this while my wife tried to get me to head out the door. If I had more time, I could become addicted! The game is appropriately challenging, and there are several ways to make money/advance. I definitely recommend it, even just to see what Kristopher accomplished within the limits of the competition!

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