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Developer:Kristopher Windsor Year:2007
Description:A very interesting game combining management (strategy) and space shooting. The game is played on a relatively small map (even the maximum possible feels small compared to other games with the similar concept) consisted of cities connected with road paths (top-down view port), and the player controls a space ship. The size of the map doesn’t reduce the quality of the game, but adds certain charm and uniqueness to it. The player can start the game with one of the 3 ship models available, each featuring its own characteristics. They can be best described as a fighter ship, a cargo ship, and something in between. The goal is to earn $1000000, and this can be accomplished on various ways using different strategies. This includes transporting cargo between cities, accepting errands, upgrading/changing your ship, and fighting other ships to steal their cargo/collect reward when strong enough. The game features 3 groups of ships, the good, the bad and the police. All this gives the game a lot of replay value and variety in the gameplay.

Zonaxtic! features a nice zooming effect, but the very graphics are rather poorly designed. Most of the sprites look like placeholder for the “proper” graphics that are in development, and the graphics also make some of the action in the game difficult to follow. The graphics appear too “symbol-like” to me. The game can be played with 3 players playing simultaneously, but since the screen is not split, it’s difficult for all the 3 players to have the best view of the map.

Zonaxtic! comes with solid sound effects, and excellent and well picked non-original music tracks.

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Author:Alexander PritchardScore:14/20Date:August, 2007
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