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Reading comments for FreeBASIC Sokoban

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Author:Destructosoft (5)Posted:17:40:47 (09.26.11)
There are so many Sokobans out there, that titles like this have a lot of expectations to live up to. As I can write my own version, I have no need to download someone else's FB Sokoban when I can play a better one not coded in FB. That said, maybe some people like simple graphics that don't dazzle the eyeballs (like Sokoban 2K does).

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:10:53:31 (07.08.07)
I beg to differ. The graphics are the simples possible. I bet they were done in 15 minutes tops. The concept is unoriginal so no points there. The only effort I see was done in rewriting the game concept in FreeBASIC. Absolutely nothing is done to peel of this game from the raw basics. And once more, no effort in the gameplay design since this is - Sokoban copied.

Author:redcrab (12)Posted:12:34:45 (07.06.07)
Staff rate is unfair.The levels are not from the author, but the program is well designed.

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