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Title:FreeBASIC SokobanGenre:Puzzle
Developer:Peter BakotaYear:2005
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:Yes
Description:A Sokoban game, in the simplest form possible, designed without a hint of ambition. If features very reduced graphics, and ability to play levels saved in the popular .xsb standard.

This package comes with 8 level sets, but you can download extra ones from the Internet.
Download Local:Available (67 KB) [2221]Website:Not Available
Extra Download #1:NoneExtra Download #2:None
Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:10 / 20
User rating:10.00 / 20 Votes [7] Comment and rate
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Author:ZapScore:55 % Date:June, 2005
Read Local:AvailableRead offsite:Available