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Author:Charles (11)Posted:11:13:26 (07.08.19)
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Author:Fernando (11)Posted:01:58:50 (07.08.19)
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Author:Lonny (11)Posted:14:40:25 (07.07.19)
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Author:Johnnie (11)Posted:15:03:10 (06.29.19)
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Author:Nitroxis (20)Posted:17:42:09 (04.07.09)
Cool Game!!!

Author:rdc (18)Posted:10:15:39 (07.08.07)
This is a professional quality game, on par with some of the console games I have played in this style.

Author:Josiah TobinPosted:17:12:29 (06.28.07)
Alright, Lachie... If you get to whore out your site to me, I get to be a whore by posting comments on my own game! Yeah! :p ~Josiah

Author:redcrab (19)Posted:17:14:28 (06.25.07)
this is exactly the type of game that prove that FreeBASIC worth any $ Gamer BASIC languages.

Author:PritchardPosted:18:00:24 (06.23.07)
It's better than Zelda: A link to the past, that's for sure. I couldn't even bother playing that game. . . LL though. Man, I love this one.

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