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Title:Lynn's LegacyGenre:Action
Developer:Josiah Tobin and Cha0sYear:2006
Description:A wonderful Zelda-style action/adventure game. The game features excellent gameplay enabled by a very smooth and well coded engine. The graphics are excellent, and the music and sound effects are very good.

Lynn's Legacy is a quite large game with a progressive and well developed story, offering around 10 hours of play time. The gameplay features real-time battles (including boss enemies), interaction with non-agressive characters (dialogues), many items to find and use, and a very large world to explore.

This game is an admirable effort, and the best FreeBASIC game at the time of its release.
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 Staff Rating:17 / 20
User rating:15.33 / 20 Votes [12] Comment and rate
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Reviews (2)

Author:MystikShadowsScore:36/40Date:August, 2006
Read Local:AvailableRead offsite:Available

Author:Lachie DazdarianScore:85.33 %Date:September, 2006
Read Local:AvailableRead offsite:Available