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Title:Sea Batttle 2.0Genre:Strategy
Developer:John Riggle (CommanderRaven)Year:2011
Description:Sea Battle is a submarine turn-based strategy game, remake of a text-only BASIC classic. A simple game without a campaign mode, but offers playing in several predefined difficulty modes, while the game parameters can also be set manually. Each round pits you against a preset number of enemy ships that you need to destroy using torpedoes, rockets or sabotage. Each turn you can pick an action, from moving, firing torpedoes, changing depth or using the sonar. The movement can be done in 8 directions (a square-based map) using power (100 units of power for one square), and the power is limited.

Sea Battle 2.0 features many enhancements on the original, like excellent presentation, graphical and mouse-controlled interface, well picked and animated stock-images accompanying the game action, as well as cool speech messages and suitable background humming sound.
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