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Reading comments for FreeBASIC Nibbles

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Author:KWAeqtxvRvAKbrg (11)Posted:06:04:22 (04.04.12)
Dang this game is epic, but there are some errors i see when ynapilg such as:1: My units will get stuck moving from place to place and keep running and then get stuck in the object2: Enemys will get stuck off screen and still shoot3: Skips opening and goes straight to the menu and yeah i didn't click unlessi was opening the game.I do see an empty space in the menu, and i guess you will make Skirmish or Multiplayer using MMF2Dev's oink object. Can't wait to see.

Author:~~mic~~Posted:23:19:00 (04.20.09)
Nice remake, but this game runs the processor to the max throughout. Adding in a few tiny sleeps fixes that problem nicely without affecting gameplay:

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