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Reading comments for Pang! The Pocket-Pong

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Author:YpbHXVpSqHjRoXnOTF (11)Posted:06:24:28 (05.27.13)
You're a real deep thinker. Thanks for shanrig.

Author:nkk (7)Posted:06:06:32 (12.25.07)
Well the game graphics are excellent..but what it lacks is proper challenge..may be speeding it up a bit can help..and there should be a decent options menu =p overall,i would play this game for a minute or two..but not more..unless it has some additional features..

Author:redcrabPosted:17:37:07 (12.19.07)
Very nice Gfx, works just fine under Linux with Wine.. But got some strange noise ... Not really challenging. Hope to see update because I like these kind of games.

Author:E.K.VirtanenPosted:06:37:50 (11.26.07)
There is potential but now, this game feels pretty boring and i could play it like 2 minutes before i had enough. Ball bounce sucks. It did hit in top left corned or my pad, but still it bounced stright up. I suggest to take more influences from arkanoid or some else similar game and improve this one. As told, there is potential but now it seems to be a simply test how to do a pad game, nothing more. 5/20 points.

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