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Reading comments for Sokoban 3D

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Author:scottyPosted:02:39:11 (02.11.09)
Theyre some of the best graphics ive ever seen on this site! welldone

Author:rdc (18)Posted:10:38:51 (07.08.07)
This is the first 3D Sokoban game I have seen and it is excellent in all respects. I really suck at the game, not having the patience to try all the different combinations, but I found myself playing this just to enjoy the graphics and action.

Author:redcrab (14)Posted:18:14:13 (07.03.07)
I m fan of the Dr_D OpenGL freebasic design and he s matering also all kind Physics fx :mass, bounce, morphing... This Opus of Skokoban is very immersive, with this dark side atmosphere. We naturaly ignore this "square" environment. Texturing and lighting are perfect for me.. you working in a dark warehouse.. the guy is well design , "Strong" that is a must to pushh al the time all these boxes

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