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Reading comments for Gem Hunt

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Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:11:10:35 (07.08.07)
The developer rendered it as a game. But I admit that I might have been a bit too generous with the score.

Still, the game has scoring implemented, and when played against someone else, it might be fun. I think. :P

Author:rdc (2)Posted:10:52:18 (07.08.07)
Interesting concept, but I am not sure that you can really call this a game. As already mentioned this is at best a proof-of-concept, and the concept at least has merit.

Author:redcrab (7)Posted:11:59:27 (07.06.07)
It's experimental concept... not a game. It's just a prolog of a game.

Author:Pritchard (6)Posted:18:05:51 (07.03.07)
The game's fun as a challenge to make you question whether or not you can actually collect all of those circles. The game just doesn't cut it for replay factor and innovation, however.

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