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Reading comments for Red Jumpy Ball

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Author:E.K.Virtanen (11)Posted:10:54:52 (10.07.07)
I wasnt able to compile this with fb.18. I tried -lang qb and deprecated and still got tens of errors. Also using wine, it was a total mess on screen when it started. Hopefully source code gets fixed so i could try this one since it looks interesting. E.K.Virtanen

Author:Dr_D (12)Posted:04:06:45 (08.17.07)
I remember this game. I liked it, but there were times when I found that I was totally blocked... or I'm just too stupid to figure a way out. :p

Author:PritchardPosted:17:37:59 (06.24.07)
This game has a lot of potential. Even though it's very simple, and very hard to play, it looked really professional, and the idea behind it's game play is perfect. However, this game was made without enough time to actually execute the jumps which the levels suggest you should be able to make.

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