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Reading comments for Visna's End

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Author:Giorgos (18)Posted:22:25:59 (10.02.17)
Excellent space shooter!!!

Author:Giorgos (18)Posted:23:10:30 (10.01.17)
Very nice game in the tradition of old space shooters. The difficulty raise very much and enemy bullets are hard to see, and needs a bit polish here and there, but overall in a very nice game if you like this kind of games.

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Author:rdcPosted:10:49:04 (07.08.07)
This game was quite smooth and responsive. I liked the explosion effects, but I found the rest of the graphics sort of odd for this type of game. Still, not a bad effort at a shoot-em-up scroller.

Author:PritchardPosted:00:31:33 (06.24.07)
This game was very interesting to me, due to the fact that although small and easy, it was very well coded and organized. The game itself was quite fun. Not the most original system, but it was fine-tuned enough to boost it's score.

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