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Author:MambazoPosted:20:04:57 (07.23.08)
Thanks for the good reviews :) If you follow the website link, the latest version (currently v1.2) now has sound & music, and a few extras ;)

Author:dabooda (15)Posted:07:42:39 (07.21.08)
I really love this game, it has a great retro feel to it and love the perfectly executed play control. The graphics are top notch and adding some more tilesets would really enhance the look. Also it seriously needs some music and sound to make this game feel complete. Do these things and add some more level packs and this could easily be a perfect 20.

Author:nkk (14)Posted:19:08:30 (07.19.08)
An excellent example of how a retro game should be. Only thing missing was sound and music. And yes, some more levels. The editor's ok. Need some hard work to make a level. Not sure i'd like to make one. The jumping and stuff is executed perfectly and with good graphics. The game levels run on level packs. I really liked this idea.

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