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Title:Sector ShockGenre:Action
Developer:Ryan SzramaYear:2007
Description:Sector Shock is a fairly fun single screen game which is well executed as well as documented. The Sector Shock game elements mainly involve jumping on enemies and sucking power out of them which can be used to charge your gun and destroy teleporters and otherwise. It uses the dual-hand directional controls. WASD on the left hand. Arrow keys on the right. Control and Shift are also used.

A nicely polished game, with decent AI, a high score table, but perhaps features too many levels without introducing new gameplay elements fast or soon enough.

Also made for the Space Invaders resource files competition.
Download Local:Available (807 KB) [2920]Website:Not Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:12 / 20
User rating:11.00 / 20 Votes [2] Comment and rate
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