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Title:Vandris EscapeGenre:Action
Developer:Vincent DeCampoYear:2007
Description:Vandris Escape is a simple side-scrolling 'cave' game with enemies appearing every now and then. It excellently captures the style and mood of the Atari classics, but fails in providing fair gameplay. Simply, the game sometimes pits you against a narrow passage filled with turrets that shoot randomly and all that is left to do in such situation is to hope for luck. Nevertheless, the excellent design and 'old-school' feel of the game hinder this gameplay flaw to some extent. A high score table is featured in the game.
Download Local:Available (277 KB) [2915]Website:Not Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:11 / 20
User rating:11.90 / 20 Votes [10] Comment and rate
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