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Title:Mighty LineGenre:Action
Developer:Lachie DazdarianYear:2007
Description:Mighty Line is a single-screen shooter that doesn’t use “pre-drawn” graphics. Everything you see on the screen is “code-generated”. The player controls a line in the center of the screen with a goal to survive the attacks of hundreds of balls swarming toward him/her. The twist in the gameplay is that the line has a hole in the middle, and if the player lets a ball pass through the hole and then destroys it, he/she is awarded with a super bonus. The game also features different powerups and weapons.

There's generally a way to dodge most of the incoming balls, but you have to figure out whether it will fit in the preserved radius hole which they could slip through, of if you have to specially angle your line so the balls simply slide by it.

One round lasts for 8 minutes, and it’s consisted of different phases that pit you against slightly different challenges.

The game graphics and the original music tracks are excellent.
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:14 / 20
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