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Title:Marvelous TwilightGenre:Action
Developer:Adigun Polack and RelsoftYear:2007
Description:A demo (containing 2 levels) of a Bullet Hell type of shooter, horizontally scrolling. It features a really manic and frenzy gameplay, quite difficult to get used to if not experience with this type of shooters.

The music and sound is very good, including some thrilling (and odd) voice messages typical for Adigun Polack. The graphics are very good. I donít know, they are difficult to evaluate. The design is really messy and incoherent, with sprites, projectiles and the background not blending well. Some staff members described the graphics as brilliant, but I simply canít agree on this.

You can play the game as Princesses Rhemi or Teija, riding gigantic magical flying scepters, but they can be changed during game (press 1 or 2 when you lose all your lives), and the game actually ends when you loose credits for both players. The game also supports two players simultaneous mode.

Marvelous Twilight was originally designed for the Autofire 2007 competition at Shmup-dev.
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 Staff Rating:13 / 20
User rating:11.00 / 20 Votes [3] Comment and rate
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