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Title:Last Mission, TheGenre:Action
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:Yes
Description:A cool Win32 port of the PC version of The Last Mission, originally a ZX-Spectrum game. It features the original CGA graphics, but lacks sounds effects. The gameplay is faithfully replicated and quite addictive. It's a screen by screen scrolling game where you control a tank-like robot and can divide in two parts, the caterpillar and the hovering head-cannon. The goal is to use the hovering head-cannon to clear the path for the caterpillar, and then connected with the caterpillar reach the elevator on each level. Once you move the caterpillar onto the next level, when you die you are returned to that position. When you are divided from the caterpillar you lose the fuel so no time should be wasted while divided. Anyway, it's a game with excellent old-school gameplay and features quite a large base to escape from. It can provide a full day of play time if you are persistent enough.
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