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Reading comments for Two Lords - Episode I

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Author:Shaylan (20)Posted:17:33:08 (02.19.15)
I like your game alot. and that's not saying much. Anyway I would like to know if your still working on it because I'm Intrigued by the story of the game with the two brothers fighting each other. P.S I hope you continue working on it. Because it's an awesome game if you need help with let me know

Author:Shaylan (20)Posted:02:48:32 (02.19.15)
I really Enjoyed your Game Alot 8-) and that's saying much P.S Are you working Episode 2, 3 if so I would love to play it

Author:redcrab (15)Posted:11:10:03 (12.11.08)
Great game... But textures seams to be picked up from wolfenstein 3D..I Like the music... Works just fine under linux with wine .. There is just some strange behaviour with mouse... the fps is far to be constant... It affect a litte bit the gameplay... Sometimes doors open more slowly...

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