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Reading comments for Moon Project

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Author:Ex (20)Posted:11:11:47 (12.08.07)
Good game =) Add humanoids, levels, and others.

Author:HexDude (10)Posted:14:23:02 (09.15.07)
It's relaxing to play, and rewarding to see the plants grow, but I thought that after a while the task started to seem like a chore. I sill like the way there's no conflict in it, but perhaps some interest should be added, like some way to be more creative with your colony. Since it isn't such an active game, it would be nice if you could save your progress and continue later. Despite my criticisms, the overall feel of the game was excellent, and the menu screen really impressed me and got me excited about going to the moon.

Author:paddy (20)Posted:13:59:07 (09.14.07)

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