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Reading comments for Lodestar

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Author:cha0sPosted:11:00:30 (07.08.07)
I frickin' love the music in this game.

Author:Nishiki (10)Posted:18:43:39 (07.06.07)
A good concept, but... The graphics are good but this is offset by the poor choice of color pallets. In the Space Invaders style areas the players ship and the enemies shots are easily lost amidst the background. The controls also feel a bit mushy and in the pong style stage, counter intuitive. Sound effects are non existent and what music there is becomes repetitive very quickly.

Author:Pritchard (14)Posted:17:27:10 (07.03.07)
Just beat the version 1.01 of Lodestar, straight from the website! It comes with a few fixes and tuneups, and I was actually able to beat the whole game this time. It was extremely fun. The only thing that this game is missing is a little bit of polishing, and perhaps an extra fun factor to boost. While the changing of gameplay is a major plus (and a huge heart pumper!), I believe some tweaking and additions to each game would do some good.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:14:47:33 (07.03.07)
The current version of the game has a serious gameplay problem in stage 4. Basically, the game is unplayable there and that has to be penalized. I forgot to mention that in the description since it was a last minute discovery. If properly corrected, the game is 13/20 material too me.

Author:Pritchard (14)Posted:18:54:13 (07.02.07)
The staff rating here is too low. A game with only one minigame will get a higher score. The major fault of this game? A lack of progress. When you beat one mini game, you should be able to go back to the last one you beat. You can't in this game, sadly. It could also use some polishing.

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