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Competitions / Re: Another competition?
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:34:26 PM »
alright... freebasic soul as its best!!!

Showcase / Re: FlappyFB
« on: January 22, 2015, 10:45:30 PM »
Ooooh...6 points. I'm good. :P

keep going... 51 more and we draw :), it took a while to reach this one
i had 54... but was without the replay record... now the 57 is complete :>

Showcase / FlappyFB
« on: January 19, 2015, 06:00:53 AM »
ok, so i was lying around and decided to write a FreeBasic clone in FlappyBird...
oh wait.... no no, i mean a FlappyBird clone in FreeBasic!!

so the source for the "Single File" version....
that's all that is required after all :)

http://paste.eu.pn/index.php?show=1871  or... http://pastebin.com/UdqRnHYg

Do you like binaries?? here are some:

FlappyFB-1.0.0_WIN.zip <- Windows Normal Version
FlappyFB-1.0.0_WIN_AA4x.zip <- Windows AA-4x (heavy!!) version
FlappyFB-1.0.0_DOS.zip <- DOS Version

everybody likes screenshots... so here goes:

ps: No Sound this time... because it wouldnt be as standalone as i wanted. (more or less irrelevant for this game hehe)

Enjoy! (i may release the official source later splitted in multiple files, and with addition of the intro plus multiplayer...)

lol, how many entries are there on total???

i had tremendous life issues, so i couldnt code anything... however if there's too few entries
i can marathon til the end of the week to finish my entry...

whoa nicely going people! unfortunately i had an intermitent project to finish as priority
so that delayed my entry...

but hey now that this thing is done and working wonderfully i can resume my
competition entry...

i hope there's still time to keep it going :) (about 1 month right?)

ok, now that the distraction of the WorldCup is over... i can resume my game... anyway i have a nice history.... about numbers...
but i'm having trouble deciding how to make the "4 boss battles" that are required.... :)

i made some progress on one type of map that will be used in the game... trying to make a concise engine...
but i also been working on some "lens" effect that will be used for several purposes along the game
and ofcourse the game opening hehehe :)

heh, memory game will be present in my idea as well, but i'm making an adventure (mini challenges game) kinda like Wario (but not platform)
so numbers will be used in different situations, i'm still throwing ideas, but i know that the name will be "PipeVenture" :)

heh, so the worldcup would be spending doing a game :)
(and i kinda feel sad hearing that most of  you didnt touched FB in a while ^^")

heh i guess, maybe i should actually finish my submission this time, but if i like the competition goal, i always make something....
btw nkk, your irc caught fire? :(

General Discussion / Re: The Lost Vikings
« on: December 03, 2011, 11:50:42 AM »
oh yeah, it's a pretty awesome game... for those who don't think that yet, you saw nothing, looks like what could be done with it (my dream would have some online multiplayer of it)

this tas video of it is very very awesome and it's not far from what would be possible while playing multiplayer :) (each one with their own screen, unlike the snes/genesis version ;p, and maybe then smarter enemies or something like that to give a new sensation to it)


also btw.. i have wip of a clone of this great game in freebasic, but i don't have motivation to finish it all alone, maybe i can recruit a partner? xDD

if someone want more info about it or see the wip just say, that then maybe i can create a topic for it?

Showcase / Re: Reinkarnoid v1.0 released :)
« on: November 05, 2011, 05:30:47 PM »
Uh, reached level 14. Passwords definitely save the game.

I don't know, I found several levels quite annoying, especially those with indestructible blocks. Not sure why you force designs that utilize them so much. Level 3 is definitely tedious, and for the worst, no passwords till level 8.

The game has some problems with collision, that's for sure. More than once my ball was locked in a line of indestructible blocks. Also, I can often bounce the ball back into the play playfield with the bottom of my ship. Also, In level 8, if I get the lasers, it's quite difficult to get the tiny laser beam between the two yellow blocks, while this shouldn't be so, as the gap is one block big, huge for the width of the laser beam. Nevertheless, my laser beam keeps colliding with the yellow blocks instead of getting between them. Anyway, not sure if you are interested into fixing these bugs.

So far the game is fun to play, but without the passwords not sure how long it would hold my interested. Too many "evil" levels for a no-passwords gameplay to be fun. Thanks for implementing them.

BTW, how many levels did you say the game has?

Will try to finish this later.

ok, just to clarify none of these are bugs :)
the indestructible "bricks", are actually magnetic/light "bricks", so the ball can pass between them (in that 1 pixel gap), because they aren't really solid blocks, also if they are hit in one of the very corners, it will hold the ball for a while, but never forever.... but indeed a change in later game, made it be a bit more surreal, but i didnt bothered to fix it, since specially that way, experienced players, can use that for their advantage, and it's r0x when you learn how to use it :P

also the game have 33 levels, and the level 3 is very easy, it's there to make you learn how to aim to touch the ball on the corners making it goes almost horizontal, and with that is possible, to clear that whole level in a single pass :P

also about the laser, it was like that on all of the original games, so decided to not split the beams.... and so aiming it on the center on level 6, is part of playability ;p

also i was thinking into make the password start on level 2... instead of level 3, but since level 2 is way too soon, and level 3 is the first "tricky" level, then i had no choice but leave it that way, i could make it start on level 4, but i wouldnt reduce the password frequency, it's too easy the way it is, specially now, that i can clear the whole game on hard... and always o.o

but i can add some of these things as "options" if i upgrade it.... specially since i forgot to add the respawn feature, that i had planned :P

also about the passwords, just to point out, they only retain 50% of your actual score.... that is to discourage people of abusing of passwords ;p, and someone that clears the game in a single pass, will get a much better score :)

also question.... should i make a video of the "Nintendo DS" version working, and post here?

Showcase / Re: Reinkarnoid v1.0 released :)
« on: November 02, 2011, 11:09:15 PM »
BTW, is the story narration by you? I mean, original?

if you refer to the voice yes.... i made it be a computer generated voice, and no original game had voice....
the text is the original text...

Showcase / Reinkarnoid v1.0 released :)
« on: November 01, 2011, 07:53:04 AM »
ok, i've been working on this project for some time, and now it's done...
for Windows / Linux / Nintendo DS

Windows: http://jafile.com/uploads/mysoft/reinkarnoidwin32.rar
Nintendo DS: http://jafile.com/uploads/mysoft/reinkarnoidds.rar
Source: http://jafile.com/uploads/mysoft/reinkarnoidsrc.rar

Programming / Re: Pixel perfect collision by Mysoft.
« on: October 06, 2011, 11:44:47 AM »
Please update code so it will be cross-compatible. Now when using it on Linux you'll get access violation and your game will end. The best solution would be rewrite whole so no assembly is used. I know it isn't easy task for pixel-perfect collision (otherwise I'd do this myself) but bounding box is easier. In fact I can start routine for bounding box collision.

can you provide an example of the code that crashed?
because i tried it on several linux and it worked flawlessy (not even valgrind complained) , but i heard some linux have problem with fbgfx... (the example i provided on the link, fails to work too?)

so more details like fb version.... and how you're using it... is required to track this problem...

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