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Author:redcrab_ (15)Posted:17:17:05 (12.19.07)
Works perfectly under Linux with wine !

Author:redcrab (14)Posted:11:14:05 (12.14.07)
Too Cute ! That's a lovely game,

Author:E.K.Virtanen (18)Posted:06:44:10 (11.26.07)
OMG this was so cute one. I really wish this kind of games comes more in future. Forget the quakes and related, idea, graphics (specially the blinking) and everything were perfect in this game. Definately best game made with FB for a long long time. 18/20 points

Author:Agamemnus (1)Posted:12:54:47 (11.04.07)
Doesn't seem to scale to time cycles but processor cycles. Hard on the eyes because my computer is too fast. Automatic fail. Sorry.

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