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Author:MystikShadows (13)Posted:17:54:15 (08.18.07)
though the game is rather simple in play as expected from the genre. I think great efforts went into a very presentable and playable game. Great work. The new twist in the game give it that much more playability.

Author:Wolter (15)Posted:16:26:30 (08.14.07)
Very good and nice memory game.

Author:redcrab (11)Posted:17:51:47 (07.03.07)
Sadly you "borrow" nice gfx, but it's nicely done classic memory game, as usual well designed, But Original new gfx could be real alternativ.

Author:Pritchard (14)Posted:19:05:04 (07.02.07)
Very fun. Ran into a glitch or two though. Your standard memory game, but more interesting. The images are also low-res and harder to memorize and recognize than usual. This just makes it more fun rather than less fun. ^.^;; Try beating an 8x5 on Excellent AI CPU...You will fail :P

Author:BadMrBoxPosted:10:42:54 (06.26.07)
Well, this is as fun you'll get with a memory game. There is quite a few options in there, human vs human/cpu, difficulty and size of the fieldset. Too bad that the low resolution forces me to play the game in a window as it makes it even more difficult to see what's what on the pieces.

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