10.03.2019 - Round 1 results of our "A Love Letter For FreeBASIC" game dev competition have been published. Please be sure to check the results thread: http://games.freebasic.net/forum/index.php?topic=629.0. Don't forget that the competition is continuing with a round 2, lasting till 29th of April, 300 USD first prize. Stay tuned!

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Hello guys.

Sorry for disappearing for a while. I feel a bit under the weather lately, and also, the round outcome really didn't make me terribly excited.

Anyway, what's there is there, here is the list of final entries in round 2:

FreeBASIC Coevolution by Tourist Trap: http://games.freebasic.net/Competitions/Competition7/Round2/Fbgenlab-WIP2804.zip
FreeBASIC vs Tetris by badidea: http://games.freebasic.net/Competitions/Competition7/Round2/freebasic_vs_tetris_2019-04-29.zip
Spacsii by FXG861: http://games.freebasic.net/Competitions/Competition7/Round2/Spacsii-Final.zip

Hope to find time next weekend to wrap this up. I probably won't run a community poll. Doesn't make much sense with 3 entries, in my opinion.
Since the Closure date is soon but not there yet, i decided to make a little adjustment in my Game.

So i increase "a little bit" the life time of each level.

I don't want the game difficulty to be judge mainly on a timer limit.

Please save the "Freebasic World" and achieve all 8 levels.    ;)


Lachie, Thank you for your nice comment.

For the voice, i am using a plugin that use the Windows Voice System

You should practice more with the game because the real challenge start after Level 4   ;)

A Hint: Keep Bounty for Next Level
FXG861, very nice work on that entry. Got canned two times at level 3, though. Time limit seems to be the biggest obstacle so far.

How did you generate the female voice? Nice stuff.
Here is my final Work.   :D
Downloaded it, but a have to boot Windows to try I see. Maybe later.

My (non-final) game: https://nr100.home.xs4all.nl/badidea/freebasic_vs_tetris_2019-04-08.zip

Edit: "Final" version: https://nr100.home.xs4all.nl/badidea/freebasic_vs_tetris_2019-04-29.zip
Here is my final Work.   :D

I hope everyone enjoy playing with it

!!! Good Luck to All  !!!

Thanks for joining the competition. Great news! This seems like it will be an excellent addition to it.
Hi Lachie,

I was not able to join the first competition but decided to join Round 2

And Thank you for that extra Delay...

It is nice to be back because my last competition was in 2012.
I am sure you can remember ;).

It is again an old style but Shooting Game this time.

The game is "Spacsii" and it is all made in Ascii code / DOS mode

You have been hired by the Cities magistrate  to protect
the World of Freebasic from Alien forces.

The cities have limited quantity of Weapon and Shield available.

To save the cities and earn bonus payment you will need to be quick and
precise by destroying all ships and Bomb from the enemy fleet.

Bounties are side missions offered by the Cities magistrate.

Grab as many energy block as you can to increase your bank value.

Grab specific letters to form the word FREEBASIC and gain extra $$$.

Get bonuses in exchange of your money to help you win the game.

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