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Hmmm... interesting. Is it like a text adventure? Hopefully, it didn't take 4 hours to display text. Has it been that long? :p
No, not a text adventure.

Have not made any progress since my last update. I am focused on work and will not have any spare time until the holidays, when I have several weeks off altogether. I want each feature of my game to be something I can make in just a couple hours. I spent too long on the first feature and it's making me nervous to pick up the code again because I don't have enough time to spend 4 - 6 hours on each component, when I want 2 - 3 dozen features in my game altogether.

Like I said in my progress thread, the idea is that each feature can be completed and left as-is, so the game will always be ready for release. I've been spending a lot of time in the back of my head thinking about how I can code features quickly and also always have the game releasable in case I run out of dev hours.

I wish we could talk about something in here.  :P
I will say that I'm building the game's features one at a time, in a way that the game can be released at any moment. So I can still release the game even if I can't do all of the things i wanted. Feature 1 is halfway done.

And I'm not telling you OR Lachie anything about it!  ;D

STATUS UPDATE 1: First half of first feature is complete. Took about 4 hours. I need to cut down how long it takes me to do things.

I'm in. I'll have something done in a week that will be remembered for centuries :)

Competitions / Re: Another competition?
« on: October 07, 2018, 06:41:35 PM »
I think I'll actually get in on this. I have PTO in November and December. I could dedicate a few full-time days to this compo. I like the theme. Whether we like it or not, a lot of the Qmunity has moved on. Even if it's not really farewell, it might be the last FreeBASIC-dominant compo we do.

I have some ideas on how we can re-ignite the fire, but honestly guys it's more likely to happen on FBGD.

Lachie has a bit more leverage to do cool things there, and he and I have collaborated on http://games.freebasic.net/ in the past. He definitely puts more time into it, and I'm thankful for that.

I'll add $200 to this if it continues getting good traction. I of course won't be eligible for any prizes if I contribute to the bounty - but I guess that depends on how many other people are willing to put in cash. We can probably setup a transparent voting system if it really comes down to that.

Anyways, an extra $200 would lead to a nice $250, $100, $50 split + two $25 honorary mentions. This is a compromise between Lachie and I. He wants a higher first prize (I assume to encourage competitiveness), and I want a wider prize pool (to encourage participation and feel-good vibes). If more cash comes in, we'll re-evaluate both the prize pool and voting methods.

Work In Progress / Re: Numbers
« on: September 22, 2014, 08:02:58 AM »
But to clarify, not the normal type of math puzzles.  There would be a clear connection between what is going on (aka words, letters, numbers, even "typing speeds") and the numbers.

Work In Progress / Re: Numbers
« on: September 22, 2014, 07:43:51 AM »

Work In Progress / Re: Numbers
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:55:02 PM »
You type in numbers and hit enter to play.  It was supposed to be my entry for the Numbers competition.  This is a seriously, awesomely watered down version of what I wanted to do, but I don't think I'll ever finish a game.

A Barren/Myst/Dystopian type of console puzzle game, but everything is numbers.  All of the puzzles.  I had some ideas going for where I was going to take this, but I feel as though I've spoiled enough already just with the teaser.  (Even though I probably didn't).  I only posted because it currently seems like there's no hope of me finishing within my lifetime.

Work In Progress / Numbers
« on: September 15, 2014, 11:18:45 AM »
Code: [Select]
dim shared as string textSequence
dim shared as string currentLetter
dim shared as integer currentLetterAsc = 0
dim shared as integer currentDelay = 0
dim shared as integer numberDelay = 400
dim shared as integer periodDelay = 300
dim shared as integer lowerLetterDelay = 65
dim shared as integer upperLetterDelay = 100
dim shared as integer spaceDelay = 65
dim shared as integer exclamationDelay = 500
dim shared as integer colonDelay = 500
dim shared as integer quoteDelay = 30
dim shared as integer hyphenDelay = 30
dim shared as integer equalsDelay = 50

function getDelay( byval characterAsc as integer ) as integer
    var currentDelay = 0
    select case currentLetterAsc
    case ASC("a") to ASC("z")
            currentDelay = lowerLetterDelay
        case ASC("A") to ASC("Z")
            currentDelay = upperLetterDelay
        case ASC(" ")
            currentDelay = spaceDelay
        case ASC("!")
            currentDelay = exclamationDelay
        case ASC(":")
            currentDelay = colonDelay
        case ASC("1") to ASC("0")
            currentDelay = numberDelay
        case ASC("'")
            currentDelay = quoteDelay
        case ASC(!"\"")
            currentDelay = quoteDelay
        case ASC(".")
            currentDelay = periodDelay
        case ASC("-")
            currentDelay = hyphenDelay
        case ASC("=")
            currentDelay = equalsDelay
    end select
    return currentDelay
end function

sub printTextSequence( byval textSequence as string)
    for i as integer = 0 to len(textSequence) - 1
        currentLetterAsc = textSequence[i]
        currentLetter = chr(currentLetterAsc)
        print currentLetter;
        currentDelay = getDelay( currentLetterAsc )
        sleep currentDelay, 1
end sub

sub printTextSequenceLine( byval textSequence as string, byval lineDelay as integer = 1000)
    sleep lineDelay, 1
    print ""
end sub

printTextSequenceLine(!"Power supply from remote source detected.....")
printTextSequenceLine(!"Initiating protocols.....")
printTextSequenceLine(!"Initiating sequence:")
printTextSequenceLine(!"3...", 500)
printTextSequenceLine(!"2...", 500)

var textInput1 = ""
while( len(inkey) > 0 )
input ; "", textInput1
if( textInput1 <> "1") then
    printTextSequenceLine(!"What?  Are you stupid or something?")
end if

printTextSequenceLine(!"...", 300)
printTextSequenceLine(!"!!! SEQUENCE INITIATED !!!", 1500)
printTextSequenceLine(!"!!! WARNING !!!", 500)
printTextSequenceLine(!"!!! SEQUENCE INITIATED !!!", 1500)

printTextSequenceLine(!"--- WARNING ---", 500)
printTextSequenceLine(!"All life forms should leave the habitable zone immediately.")
printTextSequenceLine(!"REPEAT:  All life forms, immediately exit the habitable zone.")
printTextSequenceLine(!"--- END WARNING ---", 500)

printTextSequenceLine(!"== Destination (In Order of Solar Distance) ==")
printTextSequenceLine(!"0 = Sol")
printTextSequenceLine(!"1 = HSIV Beta")
printTextSequenceLine(!"2 = Mercury")
printTextSequenceLine(!"3 = Venus")
printTextSequenceLine(!"4 = Earth")
printTextSequenceLine(!"5 = Mars")
printTextSequenceLine(!"6 = Jupiter")
printTextSequenceLine(!"7 = Saturn")
printTextSequenceLine(!"8 = Uranus")
printTextSequenceLine(!"9 = HSIV Alpha II")
printTextSequenceLine(!"10 = Neptune")
printTextSequenceLine(!"11 = HSIV Alpha I")

var textInput2 = ""
while( len(inkey) > 0 )
input ; "", textInput2

printTextSequenceLine(!" You selected: " & textInput2 & ", ""Some Planet"".", 1500)


Work In Progress / The Quest for Truth - Coming Mid-2008... or is it?
« on: March 20, 2014, 04:47:18 PM »

Upon looking at this man's face, I had realized that he must have lied to us, and that his name really couldn't have been Andre Victor.  I took my search to Google, searching for a more probable name for this man - Neil.

20+ pages in the Google Image Search, I saw it:  Neil's face, staring right at me.  The URL redirection can be found here.  But something wasn't right:

Pritchard:  "What's wrong with v1ctor's name being Neil?"
cha0s:  "The fact that it's Andre?"

He has a good point.  Something was wrong.  I had to do more research.  I looked back to the roots of my search.  Before v1ctor's picture, there was v1ctor.  Who WAS v1ctor?  After several seconds of searching, I found him - v1ctor was really Andre Victor.  A likely story.  Likely enough for no one to have questioned it, but me:

Andre Victor is an anagram for v1ctor's REAL name:  Nader Crivot.  While Neil is still more probably in my mind, Nader Crivot both looks and sounds like v1ctor's picture - Using the name Andre Victor has been a way for v1ctor to keep his anonymity on the internet and contribute to FreeBASIC with his Pen Name.

In order to confirm this, I'm off to the Library of Brazil next week in order to get some answers from a few librarians, if you know what I mean.  It won't be easy, and yes, we may have intercourse - But it'll be worth it.

See You In Three Months,

Coming to You, Mid-2008.

(Repost from FB forums.  I thought it was funny.  I really did want to make this into a game.)

Competitions / Re: Seasons of the Year Competition Community Poll
« on: March 04, 2013, 07:02:32 PM »
Lachie, please remind me to play the entries regardless of my schedule if you can.

I want my vote to count!
(Unlike here in America :P)

To anybody who has something worth sharing, PLEASE post your engines, tools, utilities, etc. on Github or some other file sharing service and post it in this thread if you think it's going to be OSS.

Dr_D:  You've lost code/engines in the past, right?

I would appreciate it if everyone would start working out of online repositories of some kind in case something ever happened to your personal computers.


It doesn't have to be public if you're not ready for a release.  DropBox versions your files and doesn't have to be shared with anyone.  Best of all, it automatically synchronizes files for you so you don't have to worry about it.

Programming / Re: FreeBASIC Easing Library
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:56:27 PM »
Update (1/26/2013), Version 1.00.03 Released!  https://github.com/Pritchard/FB-Easing

New utilities file!  https://github.com/Pritchard/FB-Easing/blob/master/EasingUtilities.bas
New demo!  https://github.com/Pritchard/FB-Easing/blob/master/EntityDemo.bas
New functionality!  Delays!

Delays cause an initial delay to occur before the X value of the easing is reported as changed.  This delays the graph by however long the delay is.

Next feature will probably be allowing the user to set the direction as either forward (0 to 1) or reverse (1 to 0).

@ecxjoe:  Feel free to try it out!  I hope you'll enjoy the latest update and demo :)

Programming / Re: FreeBASIC Easing Library
« on: January 26, 2013, 11:35:15 AM »
Great ideas, Lachie.

The main demo has been updated on Github to display the full name of the easings.

I added the callback demo to try and show off specific easing functions.  However, it's clear that an interactive demo which allows the user to change the easing function at runtime should be created.  I'll post again when I've added it.

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