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Competitions / Re: Another competition?
« on: October 08, 2018, 08:34:15 AM »

And I've already started the game design ... it starts with deconstructing the name, "FreeBASIC", into its component parts: Freeb Asic.  ;)

Looking forward to it!

Competitions / Re: Numbers Competition Results!
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:33:34 AM »
Thanks for the review, Lachie, and for the kind words from other participatns. I definitely intend to develop the idea further and appreciate everyone's encouragement and honest feedback. :)

Competitions / Re: Numbers Competition Community Poll
« on: August 21, 2014, 03:17:39 PM »
Can't wait to give it a shot, thanks for the note. Did you guys do original art for that or a collection of things? (Just curious; mine's not original, so I'm not judging. : )

Competitions / Re: Numbers Competition Community Poll
« on: August 21, 2014, 09:48:58 AM »
Nice screenshots... you should totally play the 6:5 and then score the 5:5 in the lower left hand corner. ^_^

Ooooh, that said, you're hosed. Without any more 1's or 3's to play, there's no way you're covering the rest of the scoring points. :P

Thanks - I'm pretty sure I played with it about a decade ago. Will have to dust off the brain and try again. :P

Alrighty, this may be my final update to the game before the competition ends, because I'll be going on an anniversary getaway with my wife for the four day weekend. :)

I've implemented screenshots, an "undo your last move" feature, completed the readme and added an intro dialog. I also managed to score 58 on seed 1000 - comes with learning when the bonus tiles will come out. With that double bonus, I now find myself camping out to place the double 3, 4, and 5 on scoring points if possible.

The simplicity of the ruleset (place a domino, score some points) makes it an interesting exercise in game design. For example, I'm not sure I really need to penalize an undo, but if I allow unlimited undos then you can play through each game with an effective hand of 6 dominoes. With the 1 point penalty, though, you have to decide if it's worth it every time.

I had half a mind to implement end game bonuses as well. I'm a big fan of playing the short game and long game at the same time - that's why I like games like Carcassonne and Agricola (moreso than say a Settlers of Catan). It may be interesting, for example, to award a bonus for the number of dominoes remaining - or even to award a bonus for winning on your final domino. I suppose it could be theoretically possible to award points if X or more 0s are scored. For example, if you can manage to cover six scoring points with a zero, you double your score at the end of the game.

Finally, any tips for looping mp3s or playing wavs?

Implemented a fast screenshot that catalogs them by seed with an incrementing suffixed (i.e. seed-1000-1.bmp, seed-1000-2.bmp, etc.):

Code: [Select]
#include 'vbcompat.bi'

Sub SaveScreenshot()
  Dim As Integer i = 0
    i += 1
  Loop Until FileExists("screenshots/seed-" + Str(current_game.seed) + "-" + Str(i) + ".bmp") = 0
  BSave "screenshots/seed-" + Str(current_game.seed) + "-" + Str(i) + ".bmp", 0
End Sub

Here's a screenshot of me losing. :P

(Converted to .png for compression.)

Ahh, great, thanks. Will get it into the next update. :D

Sorry, I hit an upload maximum on that last post b/c of the captions in the screenshot. I've attached Dominionoes v0.3 to this post.

Oooh, and note to self, I meant to make the high scores versioned so if I ever update the game building algorithm I can ignore scores from previous versions so the high score is only for the current version of that seed.

Well, I decided sleep wasn't in the cards tonight while I worked on some client work and decided to churn out a 0.3 release before turning in. This release includes the bug fix Lachie pointed out and a few new features:

  • Use 'g' to toggle the grid on / off (see screenshot).
  • Use 'd' to discard your hand and draw new dominoes (also in the screenie; play seed 1001).
  • New count for the number of dominoes remaining in the draw pile. I'd like for this to be more visual in the future, but this was just a quick fix.
  • High scores are saving / loading more or less properly; I went for a really simple storage system that just continually appends new high scores per seed to a text file without bothering to remove previous scores for the same seed. :P
No undo yet, ssjx, but that's the only remaining substantive feature I'll add to call this complete. As time permits I'll see about sound and music. I'll also add in a quick set of instructions for the first time the game is opened that will be accessible via '?' later on if needed. The readme has all the keys for now.

Oh, and I got 47 on seed 1001 if anyone wants to challenge me.  8)

I was worried about that w/ the bushes seeming to be impassable. Obstacles may actually be an interesting mechanic to tease out.

I've since added a modal dialog that I can use to give rules at the start of a game for now, and it'll show your victory score when it detects you've completed a level. I'm not sure if I'll have time to determine if you're out of moves or not - the codebase wasn't built in such a way that it'd be easy to cycle through the board and find available places for dominoes to be dropped. I'll have to nail that in a future refactor. :P

The modal will give you a quit confirm (unless you actually X out the window) as well.

@ssjx, do you have a quick tip on how to take a screenshot? Is it just a simple bsave?

@Lachie, it actually appears there's a bug that would allow you to play any tile snug up against the edge. Looks like just a simple logic error where I had a hole in my "CheckDomino()" function - it's a falsifying check, so it'll return TRUE unless any of the myriad IF statements return FALSE first. Will fix in a minute.

For a .3 release I'd like to get high score saving so we know if we're actually improving our scores. I just played seed 1000 again (turns out it's actually one of the really fun seeds to play) and managed to score the double 3, 4, and 5! I may try to find more productive seeds now, as 57 may be the best I can do in here for a while. ;)

I've been on the lookout for free tiles I could use to make an attractive map for a while to no avail. I finally decided to purchase some from GameDev Market, a new portal for buying / selling art and music for indie games. Great for prototyping, and they just got a new top down tileset that worked great for me. I used its sign template to create my scoring points, though ultimately I'd like for them to appear as either cities you're conquering or resources you're developing.

It still needs sound effects for cursor navigation / domino placement, but it's at least pretty to look at now. fyi, the bushes are purely for looks, no gameplay mechanic attached to them. I still haven't implemented ssjx's suggestions (sorry!) but I will in the next update. This one was all about visual improvement. :D

I fixed a domino placement bug (horizontal dominoes were able to be placed up and left of any other domino regardless of the numbers matching) and implemented a new scoring mechanic - if you use a double domino to cover a scoring point (e.g. a 2:2 or 3:3) then you score double points. This should make for higher scores and give you a reason to hold off on scoring while you work your way through the draw pile.

Screenshot and new demo attached!

Another update (v0.3) : http://ssjx.co.uk/windows/numeria.php

Mostly cleanup, bug fixes and presentation! Pretty much complete, I don't imagine any major changes between now and the deadline...

Very well done, ssjx. Small bit of control feedback - I played via mouse at first but quickly switched to keyboard. However, I found that I can't attack with the keyboard. If I could use the arrow keys for that and then perhaps Y / N to answer the "Attack again?" prompt, I could go completely keyboard. Any chance?  :)

I was thinking I'll "stack" the draw pile on the right side of the screen so you can see it dwindling as you play, and adding a screenshot key should be easy enough. I hadn't thought of undo yet, though - one move undo shouldn't hurt. :D

Thanks for the feedback, ssjx! I actually work next to a guy in a coworking space who designs toys for a living, and he's already offered to help me make a physical version of the game a reality. He has an active Kickstarter I've backed here:


And he used to work for one of the game companies - can't recall which one. The competition here was great for sparking the idea and for iterating on the rules (it's quite different at this point than my first complicated idea).

I hadn't considered mimicking Scrabble to begin with, but your question did give me the idea that perhaps double number tiles can be scored double (e.g. scoring a 5:5 would be worth 10 points). That would be easy enough to implement and to play toward I think.

Good idea on hot seat. The challenge would be ensuring an equal number of playable dominoes between the players. I thought about them just sharing a single hand, but my gut tells me it would be too easy to ensure the other player would never score unless it was off new tiles. It may require some alternate rule set where scoring is based on blocking the other player or where there is a higher density of scoring points.

Or it may just require a multiplayer online / mobile version. I'll be playing with mean.io to prototype a multiplayer version after this competition is over. I should be able to make the same web application serve both browser based or native mobile clients. Any other ideas? Any experience with native mobile app dev? :D

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