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I have no problem with an extension. I have been limited in my time to work on my entry anyway, so a few extra days wouldn't hurt. My entry has changed from what it was originally but I'm not gonna give out any details yet. :)

I've made some progress on my entry, but most of my time for dev is being taken up by Yuki PC right now. Once that's out of the way, I can focus more time on this.

I'm in. It will be my last FB project as well.

General Discussion / Yay, site is back :)
« on: March 13, 2013, 08:03:31 AM »
All fixed now? :)

The main basis for my idea was to not only focus on the seasons but to also focus on holidays that happen in those seasons. I tried to make Spring about bunnies and flowers and Easter... and Easter eggs, of course. :) Summer is hot and people go to the beach, so I visited the concept of getting sunburned if you don't take precautions when you go to the beach in the summertime. Autumn was easy... Halloween, so witches and scarecrows and such... and flying on a broomstick. Winter, easy too... snow and ice and snowmen and Mrs Claus outfits. :) You just can't do a winter scene without slippery ice. I was thinking about doing an FF7-type "I'm freezing my butt off here!" aspect but ultimately decided against it. The area after the seasons is a glue device for the storyline. I had originally envisioned a final area that would make use of the four seasonal tools, but did not have time to implement it.

OK, it's ready.


I will put it in more places if anyone has any issues with this download link.

The file is 112MB and decompresses to 295MB. Yes, it's quite a download, and I hope it's worth it. Much of the size is the unaltered MP3 files directly from Imcompetech... I should have downsized them as .oggs but whaddyagunnado.

EDIT: Oops, forgot one of the source files.


Taking longer to upload than I expected.. .oh well, I guess that's the consequence of a 112MB upload. :D

My entry is about as ready as it's going to get. It's still not finished, but I made sure to make it playable at least. I will upload it soon.

Site wouldn't resolve so I just did a smartwhois and got the IP so i could add it to my hosts file. Snagged it then. :D

ssjx.co.uk has been unavailable all day for me... does it work for anyone else?

I'm just releasing my source code as per the compo requirements; I have no intentions of releasing the compo version source onto anything other than my own server. The code's messy and rushed due to the limited time allotment, so I really don't feel like spreading it around too much.

I've had to put a few details to the side to make sure the game is finishable in the remaining time... it's completely playable as-is, but it doesn't end yet... it has an ending planned and dammit it's gonna make it in. :P

It took longer than expected, but my game engine is pretty much finished. Now, I just have to finish filling in the rest of the content.

I'm going offline until my compo entry is finished.

Mine's progressing nicely right now... just finished mapping out another area (Winter). The only area I've not yet started on is Autumn, but only because finding the appropriate graphics has been a pain... might just recolor some of the ones I have already, that might do the trick. Autumn will be a lot easier than Spring and Winter, which were a challenge to develop (especially Winter!). Summer was the easiest; it took just a couple of hours, but Winter took about 15 hours to finish... lots of revisions were required to make it playable. It's also the most challenging gameplay-wise, which isn't saying much because the game overall isn't all that hard (for me anyway, but then again, I designed it, and platformers are my favorite genre besides RPGs). Winter just has multiple areas of "you mess up here, you start over!" and there's always ice involved with those areas. :P

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