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Game Dev / as3sfxr-b sound effect generation tool
« on: February 25, 2011, 10:32:14 PM »
Just wanted to link to this here in case any FB projects need do-it-yourself sound effects.  You should really check this tool out:


And there's a forum thread on TIGSource tracking suggestions:


Work In Progress / Outpost, a "Stratformer"
« on: November 13, 2010, 06:05:38 PM »
I decided to keep a Dev Log at TIGSource to try and interact with the broader indie game development community, but ssjx rightly pointed out I should also have a thread here to interact specifically with the FB community. So... here it is! :)

As I mentioned in the original competition thread, Outpost is a "stratformer" - a cross between a city-building strategy game and an action based platformer.  The two modes of gameplay are meant to affect one another, so the type of city you build will give you access to power-ups to complete the platformer levels while the people and resources you locate in platformer levels will give you a boost in building your city.

Status: Planning / engine development

Screenies: None yet

Engine status: I have a barebones platformer engine here needing some testing on various systems.  It uses HGE, so it's Windows dependent, but I'd love to see if anyone on Linux can run this in Wine and I'ma give it a shot in a VM on my MacBook later.

Latest build: Outpost (dev2) - Platformer engine demo


My working name of the game is simply "Outpost", and you will play a squire in the court of some duke.  You have previously distinguished yourself as an able administrator and adventurous spirit, so the duke sends you off to establish an outpost on his frontier. With some luck and good leadership you should be able to grow it into a bustling city of commerce / culture / whatever-fits-your-fancy in the hopes that you will be promoted to a court baron and awarded the land around your outpost as a hereditary estate.

I'm on the fence between a Metroid style world where you can explore anywhere you are able to complete missions in the platformer levels and a more linear Mario style world.  I want the missions to have some bearing on the general story of the game (i.e. go save this guy so he can help you build your outpost), but given the timeline I'm not sure I'll be able to do enough level design to make it interesting.  Definitely interested in feedback on this... one thought I had was to keep definite stages representing areas along the frontier but revisit them in later missions with differences in the level itself and in your character's physical abilities.

For the city building strategy part of the game, you'd use resources and personnel gained in the platformer levels to build up some aspect of your city.  I haven't figured out how time will progress yet, but I think it will have to do with how long it takes you to complete the platformer stages.  The personality of your various workers will affect how much work they get done while you're away, how good they are at staying on task, how much initiative they take when they've gotten to the end of your explicit instructions, etc.  I'd like to see NPCs have unique names / sprites / personalities, with attributes like Initiative, Endurance, Creativity, etc. and specialists like Soldiers, Engineers, Architects, Artists, etc.  Common laborers can perform well under different specialists, so it behooves you to assign personnel wisely to build the kind of city you want to create.  I'd like to have multiple winning scenarios for the different types of towns this can create.

Feedback on the concept, ideas for the back story, and types of specialists / influences they have on your city building would all be most welcome.  I'll keep the thread updated as I work.

Outlook: I doubt I'll accomplish a complete game by the time the competition ends on January 17th, but I should at least get a platform game engine out of this with a proof-of-concept split gameplay.  If what I get accomplished is looking half way decent, I'll keep working at it once the competition is over.  ;D

Work In Progress / Revisiting an FB Roguelike
« on: March 28, 2009, 11:41:53 PM »
A while back, I believe for a Roguelike competition at fbtk.net, I started working on a multiplayer, real-time Roguelike engine.  Sadly, I never came close to finishing, and if I'm not mistaken, that competition was never "closed."  In my development, I got as far as a map engine that generated levels in a fashion inspired by the original Rogue.  I put the map generator into a mock-up screen and have included the source/compiled version in the attachment.  Hit space to regenerate the map and escape to quit.  Enjoy the flavor text.  ;)

Anyways, I've lately been inspired by rdc, the Temple of the Roguelike, Roguebasin, and Slashie.net (check out Drash RL!) to dive back into completing a Roguelike in FB.  I'd ultimately like this to become something bigger, and I'd love to pursue a real-time (a la rdc's Escape from Lab 42), multiplayer Roguelike.  For now, a sober look at my responsibilities with work, family, etc. means I'm going to trim down my feature list and shoot for a simpler game.

So, I still dig my map generation.  It seems more of the modern Roguelikes abandon this sort of generation, but I dig the retro feel and simplicity of the maps.  (I probably won't stick with the random colored floors... that's just to show the order of rooms created if you're up to speed on your 8 bit palette.)  Also, I think the blocky nature and amount of dead end halls will suit my game concept well.  So, I'm looking for a bit of feedback here...

I'm shooting for a game where the player is a mercenary miner of sorts, someone who goes into mines infested with creatures and reclaims them for use.  Mines may have a variable depth, though they may be as simple as one level.  The player has to clean the mine of creatures, creature generators, and hexes in order to be paid for jobs.  Pay is based on the amount of "mineable" space... i.e. the percentage of the map that is still "wall", with a bonus given for explored but untapped mineshafts (dead end halls).  Pay for a job might be decreased if you do things with area affects that render existing mine structures unusable (like collapsing a shaft).  I think once a mine is cleared, the player will not be able to re-enter, even though it would be cool to see how much progress the miners are making.  :P

I want the gameplay to focus on area affects, combat maneuvers, and item/ability combinations.  Examples include things like:

- a sticky bomb that covers the floor of an entire room or hallway and slows creatures down by half or completely immobilizes them
- a smoke bomb that renders creatures in a room or hallway blind
- a chain lightning spell that damages all creatures in a room, potentially multiple times
- combat maneuvers inspired by ddrogue from the recent 7drl challenge at Rogue Temple and by Slashie.net's Drash RL; in other words, character movements affect combat, like evasion, combination hits, etc.
- or wouldn't it be cool to light a torch then cast breathe gas through it to fill a whole room with a fireball?

My inspirations for goals, abilities, and affects will be Magic: The Gathering and traditional Rom MUDs.  I've also been totally into Full Metal Alchemist lately, so I'd count on that playing into this somehow.  The idea of areas being hexed and needing purging before they're usable comes from Breath of Fire 4, an awesome game in its own right.

So, what's the goal of such a game?  I haven't got that far yet, and I'm definitely up for ideas...  Perhaps there are several ways to reach a point of retirement from the business, and that's the "goal."  I'd like to have some unifying themes, though I'm not sure there needs to be an overarching narrative.  Maybe you can play competing factions / companies against one another, maybe you can get into the mining business and claim some of the mines for yourself.  Any ideas?

General Discussion / Programmer Elitism
« on: February 01, 2008, 09:04:17 AM »
Had to laugh at this one... I know it's not exactly the kind of elitism issues that have been around the QB/FB community for years (those seem to be centered around programming practice and not text editors), but I still thought many of you would enjoy it:


If you don't read XKCD, you probably should.  8)

(I think Lachie could learn a lot from this guy. ;) His last two appearances have been genius.)

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