10.03.2019 - Round 1 results of our "A Love Letter For FreeBASIC" game dev competition have been published. Please be sure to check the results thread: http://games.freebasic.net/forum/index.php?topic=629.0. Don't forget that the competition is continuing with a round 2, lasting till 29th of April, 300 USD first prize. Stay tuned!

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Since the Closure date is soon but not there yet, i decided to make a little adjustment in my Game.

So i increase "a little bit" the life time of each level.

I don't want the game difficulty to be judge mainly on a timer limit.

Please save the "Freebasic World" and achieve all 8 levels.    ;)



Lachie, Thank you for your nice comment.

For the voice, i am using a plugin that use the Windows Voice System

You should practice more with the game because the real challenge start after Level 4   ;)

A Hint: Keep Bounty for Next Level

Here is my final Work.   :D

I hope everyone enjoy playing with it

!!! Good Luck to All  !!!


Hi Lachie,

I was not able to join the first competition but decided to join Round 2

And Thank you for that extra Delay...

It is nice to be back because my last competition was in 2012.
I am sure you can remember ;).

It is again an old style but Shooting Game this time.

The game is "Spacsii" and it is all made in Ascii code / DOS mode

You have been hired by the Cities magistrate  to protect
the World of Freebasic from Alien forces.

The cities have limited quantity of Weapon and Shield available.

To save the cities and earn bonus payment you will need to be quick and
precise by destroying all ships and Bomb from the enemy fleet.

Bounties are side missions offered by the Cities magistrate.

Grab as many energy block as you can to increase your bank value.

Grab specific letters to form the word FREEBASIC and gain extra $$$.

Get bonuses in exchange of your money to help you win the game.


Competitions / Re: Seasons of the Year Competition Community Poll
« on: March 23, 2013, 08:00:36 AM »
Congratulation to all participant !!!

I think i am too late for the voting but i would like to say
that i was impress by all your program.

Spring Forward by ssjx
Nice game with good implementation of tools for each season (that can be change live during the game)

Paradox Girl by Eponasoft
Game with great graphics and nice OpenGL implementation.

Pyromax Dax by Relminator
Cool game with a Full menu feature !!!
I like the animations and the game play
Good Job !!!

Oddyseasons by Landeel 
Well this one really got me and you have my vote (if it is not too late).
It was fun to play and have a nice game progression and great graphics too.
The main thing missing is a good Menu interface for Controls, Volume, Etc.

To all, keep up the good work

Competitions / Re: Rescue The Colors Competition Final Results!
« on: February 12, 2012, 10:21:31 PM »
Congratulation to the Winner !!!

Yagac is a Super Game with good 3D Effects and i must admit i am very impress by it.

Color Eater 3D was really cool with nice graphics and i enjoyed playing with it a lot.

"Invasion of the Mononites" is nice game to play with lot of potential for add-on feature/challenge.

Regarding Racesii, i have worked on the game this week and i have made some improvements to it.
Sorry it was a week too late ...   ;)

Please come and visit the new website (officially opened 1 hour ago)

It is still under development but all the basis is there

Download the latest version of RACESII and give me some feedback

Hi Everyone,

Congratulation to all competitors for your great projects.

I must admit i was very impress with the Entry of Y.A.G.A.C

But i was very surprise not to see the entry of Lithium that was so promissing.
Sorry to hear what happenned.
Good luck to you.

I was working on the project till the last possible minute but ran out of time ...

So the game is functionnal but not entirely finished.
An updated version of the game will be posted soon with the
HIGH SCORE management operationnal.

My optimal objective would be to have High Score updated via internet
so each time you play you compare your self with other player.
(But for that, i think i will need some help ...)

Tusike, thank you for your comment !!!

It made me realize that i should have add an "INFO" button on the main menu
to explain how the game proceed, what are the goal and what to expect when
getting the Bonus Icon.

Will be added in my next update as well.

So here is what you should have got inside the Info Button:

The objective of the game is to get the highest score possible, not to WIN a race.
Drive as long as you can !!!
The Best Driver = Best Score


- There are 4 different Race Track available (1-4)

- There are 5 Level of difficulty (0-4)
  When Level is increasing:
  > Number of Opponent car increase too
  > Opponent aggressiveness increase as well

- You can define When is the Sunrise/Sunset and at what speed the time elapse dugin a day.
  For each of our second time will elapsed (1/5/10/15/30) minutes in the game

- You can Select the Color of your Car and Settings for all Audio effects

- You can Define your prefered key to control the race Car

In Competition Mode:
- The Race start at Midnight, Race Track #1 at Level 0
- Time Elapse is set to 1 Sec = 5 Min
- During the Race
  > Race Track will upgrade automaticly
  > Difficulty Level will increase automaticly

In User Settings Mode:
- The Race will proceed with the predine User Settings
- There will be NO upgrade in RaceTrack or Difficulty Level

You are out of the Race if:
- You don't keep a Minimum average speed during the race
- You have no more Fuel (Harder to get as Difficulty level increase)
- You have no more LIFE

Try to collect as many Bonus Icon as you can:
- Bonus Fuel:  Fill up your tank according to your average speed
                     (More speed = More Fuel)
- Bonus Point: Give you extra Point
- Bonus Life:   Give you an Extra Life
- SpeedBoost: Give you ExtraSpeed and Invincibility in STRAIGHT LINE ONLY

At the end of the race you will receive Bonus point for:
- Number of Days that passed (Future version)
- Number of Lap made
- Number of Car that were over taken (Future Version)
- Number of Life Left

I hope theses explanations will help you enjoy the game a little bit more

Here it is

Sorry for sending so late

But i am in time 


Hi Lachie,

Thank you for your comments.

From the future Menu you will be able:

- See Credits and HighScore
- To Enable/Disable and select the Volume for each  (Sound, Music, Voice)
- Select your Background Music (You will choose between 5)
  (I hope you will find one to your liking)
- Define manually at what time is Sunrise and Sunset
- Define manually at what time the race Start (To comply to the competition rules / Select Midnight)
- Define manually at what speed the time pass during a day (Ex: 1 Sec = 15 Min)

During a game:

- You will need to keep a "minimum" average speed otherwise you will be disqualified
- Your fuel level are decreasing according to your average speed
- Bonus Fuel, Life and ScorePoint Icon appearance is linked to average speed and Score
- Difficulty will increase automaticly according to number of lap made
- The Chance to get Fuel during a game are decreasing according to Difficulty level
- Number of opponent car is linked with the difficulty level
- Opponent car aggressiveness is linked with the difficulty level
- If you get the SpeedBoost Icon you get Turbo Speed with invincibillity for a short period of time

I will update the game RACESII frequently during the next 2 week

Just use this link to get the latest version (New version update today 2012/01/22)

http://pages.videotron.com/jff2010/racesii/racesii-(win32 only).zip

All comments and suggestions are more than welcome

Hi Everyone,

It is very cool to see what the others have done so far.
!!! A very good job to all competitors for your hard work !!!

On my side, i still have some work to do but getting there.

I just uploaded my latest version so people can see and try it.
This version is set for the Easy Road with Low difficulty level .

It is only 1 file (Exe) because i always try to avoid external dll
As reason, all code/library will be included when submiting the final version of the game

Keep up the spirit and inspiration

http://pages.videotron.com/jff2010/racesii/racesii-(win32 only).zip

Hi Everyone,

Wow, I just came back to the thread today and saw all your post.

First, congratulation to SSJX, Gothon and Lithium. You seem to have great games !!!

When Lachie lauched this contest with this incredible theme i told myself  "do something this time".

In the early years of video games, there was no color.
I still remember those old Pong Games that you could play on the TV.
(oups... i just gave you a hint on my age ....)

My game RACESII will try to pay a little respect to those early games

So, i added one more level of challenge to my project:
--> Use only regular DOS ASCII code to make my graphics.

The resolution is 100x37. So it was very hard to achieve something realistic with that.

Racesii is a race game with the objective to drive as long as you can (Not to be the first)
The game normally Start at midnight and finished when you have no more life or fuel

You get point according to average speed, car passed, number of lap made and finally total length of the road made.

The game have sound effect, music and even Speech processing.

You will be able to control when you start the game, how quickly time passes during a day,
at what time is the Sunrise / Sunset, Difficulty level, race track type
and finally full control over Voice, Music and sound effect

I have included some Printscreen as a sneak preview.

The game will be ready by the end of the month and I hope you will like it.

Good luck to all

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