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Title:Moon ProjectGenre:Strategy
Version:Beta 1Source:Yes
Description:A rather cool space RTS/management game. In Moon Project you control a small expedition on the Moon with a goal to transform it into a habitable planet. To accomplish this you need to build water pumps that will make plants grow who then produce an atmosphere. To build water pumps you will need to build Metal Mines, Habitats, Solar Panels and Research Centers.

The game is rather straightforward and easy (to complete), and the lack of opposition of any sort is notable. Also, as this is a demo, the presence of features that are not implemented yet (they donít work) is rather annoying.

This version comes with time-based high scores, but the best ones are ridiculously impossible to beat.

Moon Projects features solid graphics, nice music tracks and few non-intrusive sound effects.

Overall, a very promising project that needs quite a bit of polishing and bug-fixes before the final release.
Download Local:Available (15185 KB) [2838]Website:Not Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 Staff Rating:12 / 20
User rating:14.40 / 20 Votes [5] Comment and rate
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